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Question S21 Ultra SOT (screen-on-time)?

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Now this is what battery life is supposed to be haha


  • Screenshot_20210527-225502_Device care.jpg
    Screenshot_20210527-225502_Device care.jpg
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Apr 20, 2021
I've been trying a bunch of browsers but they all have been hitting the battery hard. You guys think that Samsung browser is the most efficient ?

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    And that's even with Chrome munching your battery for 15 minutes of use, nice
    I generally close out apps when I know I'm putting my phone down for a bit. It's a habit from older phones.
    Last screenshot and was really worried about exynos but not on s21 ultra . Battery has been awesome
    E2100? I would love to have such SOT. Now with note 8 i get max 2-3 hours :D
    And how is light use going for you?
    I am at 23h, 4.30h SoT, 60% battery left
    Got it yesterday.
    First it discharged very quickly after setup etc. I did use Smart Switch 🥴
    Now almost 24h, 5% left, SoT 10h29m

    FHD+, wifi, mostly browsing and youtube/spotify (no gaming and wasnt taking lots of pictures). Didnt notice any excessive heat.
    Screenshot_20210129-202248_Device care.jpg