Question S22 Ultra fast shutter and auto HDR issue

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Oct 2, 2014
My device is S22 Ultra Snapdragon version updated to its latest one ui 5 update with November security patch

In the internet blogs and forums, everyone is very pleased with fast shutter option in camera assistant released by Samsung through goodlock but I noticed an issue with it even though it is mentioned under fast shutter setting that image quality will be reduced slightly but when I turn on the setting and captured a few images and I noticed that HDR is not at all working even though auto HDR is turned on in camera assistant I know device has to process images faster if fast shutter is turned on but even when I click only a single image when fast shutter is turned on auto HDR is not working to test this I pointed the camera towards a TV screen and captured images with and without fast shutter
In both cases I only took a single image but not mutiple images and when fast shutter is turned on the screen over exposed as I have captured image from a distance so camera gave priority to foreground as TV screen is in background
But when fast shutter is turned off the TV screen brightness was balanced with HDR and foreground is also well exposed
I just wanted to know if anyone is facing the same issue or is it normal