Question S22u snapdragon US unclocked very slow 4g speed(10Mbps) in europe.

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Sep 26, 2016
If you have an unlocked US S22 Ultra and want to unlock bands used in Europe, try the method in this guide. No ATT or US sim card needed.

Like @Moranua said, the band selection screen is locked to certain US bands. But following the guide above will unlock all bands in that screen (including 5G n78, mmWave, and others).
our problem doesnt seem to be not supporting the bands, instead its related to carrier aggregation support..


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Mar 21, 2006
Wonder if I can cross flash S908E firmware with S9080

Edit: Tried it, Didn't work for me.
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    Hi after few days of Changing the Firmware from U1 to U i can really see improvements having Speeds with 5G upto 600Mbits or More Sometimes with German Provider Deutsche Telekom thanks a lot again to AmazDev
    That's why I stay on Exynos. The SD model doesn't support all the bands we have in Europe.
    Im pretty sure it does support many of them
    Thats nice mate. Is 5g working?
    Yh i have 5G continuously with very high speeds not the U1 Speed anymore (20-50mbits)
    For anyone wondering i flashed it, and as long as you dont downgrade knox shouldnt get tripped.

    although i did flash his newest rollout since i was already on 29 June SM-908U1 update and the one you guys posted is older, i couldnt use it, but also it DIDNT work, i still get the same speeds, i didnt use any at&t sim as well.

    I guess itd work exactly the same if someone booted with the at&t sim on sm-908u1 ROM..
    The key point is using an ATT sim. If you flash the U Firmware with an ATT sim in it, your phone becomes ATT branded (you have carrier's splash screen, bloatware etc.) and you unlock all the bands. Then even if you use a sim from another carrier, it will still be configured as you're using an ATT sim until you factory reset the smartphone so you'll always have all the bands unlocked. In the U1 firmware instead, every time you put a sim in it, the phone will ask you to reboot and optimise carrier settings but if you're not using a USA sim you'll just get some useless default settings with only a few bands available which are only enough to get the standard old LTE (not even LTE+).

    Simply flashing the U Firmware over the U1 doesn't change anything. Unlikely that's how Samsung firmware works.

    If you can't get a USA sim you can't use this trick so I'm sorry but you'll have these low speeds forever.
    If you need full call features purchase a device from the service provider in the region you'll be residing. Unlocked devices have a long history of compatibility issues. Don't assume the 5G Band(s) available in your device's network configuration which match your service provider's 5G network options are compatible. Unless the anchor is in sync it won't connect. Changes to your CSC typically create conflicts since they're designed for their specific software configuration. Do your homework before you purchase any device, trying to patch things together is a gamble at best. Samsung is to blame to a large degree. Way too many variants and multiple SOC's is a recipe for disaster!