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Mar 10, 2011
Hello to everyone!
As the seeding of the official update to Marshmallow for the international version of the SGS5 has started today I thought this thread would be useful for sharing the opinions.
Everyone who has received the update OTA or has decided to manually flash the ROM using ODIN is welcomed to leave his/hers first impressions on the ROM.
This way we can keep the firmware update thread clean and everyone can search for any information regarding the MM on this thread without spamming with questions the before mentioned one.
Thank you in advance and let the good times come for out SGS5 :D
Cheers to everyone!


Feb 4, 2013
Hi ! For people's who has received the update : is there any change till the beta leak as new system UI, some S6 apps or theme support ? Thanks in advance.

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Aug 14, 2012
For those who want to download manual:

Model SM-G900F
Model name GALAXY S5
Country Sri Lanka
Version Android 6.0.1
Changelist 61302269
Build date Thu, 10 Mar 2016 09:16:06 +0000
Product code SLK

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Jul 18, 2011
the greatest insolence is the fact, that the ROM was already finished before the S7 with MM came out (Build date Thu, 10 Mar 2016)

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    Actual feedback

    full feedback here, as no one did so far - and i wonder why, you filthy egoists
    i updated 3 days ago to the saudi arabia firmware. let's step on the news which indeed exist between this and lollipop:

    • On the stock browser you can now associate the login data with your fingerprint thus logging in the next times just by swiping your finger
      you can now have the alarm show the weather while beeping
      you can now disable music player after a certain amount of time - such as on third party players
      you can now swipe on the keyboard to move the cursor through the letters more precisely
      you can now disable the charging sound
      you now have 0,01 gb more of ram
      you can now have the calendar show to you in a calendar+agenda formula (see screenshot)
      multitasking button reacts slightly more fast
      clock and battery icon are slightly more little
      volume menu is expandable the same way it is on aosp rom (see screenshot)
      you can now disable android app optimization (not just through smart manager) for every app you want, even system ones - for example i disabled it for telephone, quickpic, internet, archive, keep and whatsapp (resulting in faster opening times)
      you can now disable notification of specific apps on and only on the lockscreen
      from the battery side, with the same usage i get 30 min more on screen on time (about 4 hours)
      on archive you can now jump to home through an apposite button (see screenshot)
      ui in general appears more smooth and clean, starting from the notification look
      you can now associate your paypal account to the usage with the fingerprint directly from the system settings (i didn't try it, so I don't know wether this is samsung pay or same useless crap)
    glade to be helpful to you all. I can't assure every feature above listed is exclusive of marshmallow: i could have missed them on lollipop.
    edit: I now realize I can't attach screenshot loading them from my pc.
    I flashed PHN (Netherlands) version a week ago. Here is my feedback MM vs LP (all stock). My device (and battery) is 19 months old so l had plenty of time to live with 5.0.

    - battery improved by 10% (better SOT, better idle deep sleep)
    - less heating while using 4G
    - camera app opens faster, somewhat faster AF
    - better screen and UI responsivness
    - more aggressive RAM management
    - not a single one glitch or FC whatsoever

    - microSD card message when booting phone (totally unnecessary)
    - no themes (still white theme in settings)

    Bottom line - is it preferable to upgrade from 5.0 to 6.0.1.???

    YES, by any means. MM is a great update and upgrade from LP, which IMHO, on S5, was never finished and polished product. It was just patched and patched over.

    Hi all,

    For Spain, wat is last firmware for S5?, I mean, can I use the Montenegro firmware (G900FXXU1CPD3_G900FTMT1CPD1_TMT.zip) for spain?

    Thanks for the threat!, very usefull

    You can use any firmware that you want, no matter the country/region, as long as you have a SM-G900F model. Make sure you choose one non-carrier branded, so you avoid any bloatware in the system ;)
    Happy flashing!

    As for my review on the MM firmware, I'm on the CPD3 build and everything seems fine.
    I can confirm that the Recent Applications button works much faster than ever before. Finally it opens the window without any lag.
    Unfortunately I can't say the same thing about the Gallery app. That one still has lag :(
    The interface feels snappier than on LL and it's not placebo :)
    For benchmarking enthusiasts I made an Antutu run just before dropping LL and I got a score of 55k points and after flashing MM I made a new test after a factory reset and got 57k points.
    I haven't rooted it yet and also I did NOT do any modifications so it's all stock.
    I miss the Power Saving customizing options. I can't find them anywhere and it's a big loss because I used to let the CPU free and limit only the screen brightness + stop the haptic feedbacks.
    Managing the space used by an application is a little bit confusing than before, because the "Storage" tab isn't very explicit at first.
    As others before me have already confirmed there is no Theme Store and visually there aren't any big changes if you come from LL, except the rounded icons.
    But this thing doesn't bother me because I can now finally say that the S5 feels as smooth as it was supposed to be from day one. Gaming seems the same as on LL (tested on Trials Xtreme).
    Some little tweaks here and there from Sammy plus the fact that the pattern security model has more schemes now and it kinda feels refreshed :)
    Battery seems better, but in my case it's too soon to tell, while the RAM usage seems to be a little higher than on LL, but maybe it's just an impression, although I haven't had only 380 free RAM on LL ever.
    All in all a good upgrade if you ask me. Everyone should ditch LL and move to MM as everything seems to work as it was supposed to work and there aren't any traces of lag, except the Gallery app :)
    For those having problems flashing the MM firmware I used Odin 3.10.7 and I got the firmware using SamFirm, with all the 4 files included (BL, AP, CP, CSC). Before flashing the MM firmware I made a factory reset on LL so the system will be clean before upgrading. After flashing the MM firmware I made a new Factory Reset to be sure that everything is clean, from scratch. After the factory reset, the first boot took something like 10 minutes, so you have to be patient.
    So these are my first impressions after the MM update and I'm sure the more mature builds that will follow this initial wave will fix many of the bugs that we encountered until now.
    Hope they will help you decide.
    Cheers everyone!
    User feedback.... well it kinda sucks rly... we basically got all the animations and stuff from 5.1.1 (which the S5 should have gotten like 6 months ago) and only new icons aaaand the few not so revolutionary new MM features.... so i think "sucks" is the right word to describe this looong awated MM update...
    Nope can't see it

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    Seems no support for theme's and can't find anything to change the colours. Or am I mistakin

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    Anyone able to change colour settings? Or having theme support

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    nothing new has been implemented, just under the hood update. So no we did not get new touchwiz and no theme support,nothing that has been introduced to the s6/7 lately. Samsung pulled an unfair game again with loyal customers.