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s5e T727A AT&T unlocked - won't flash on ODIN

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New member
Apr 9, 2011
Hi All,
Hate to be the newbie here but having trouble flashing a new ROM on my unlocked AT&T s5e T727a.

I followed the instructions for Odin and tried flashing the latest ROM, believe the carrier was for Turkey from Sammobile.

It won't setup a connection and tried the following:

1. Different ROMs
2. Two different computers
3. Different USB ports and cables
4. Different Odin versions
5. Did a reset for the tablet (tried again and same issue)
6. Tried the 4 file approach and the single AP file approach

I'm baffled at this point and can't get passed the setup connection. Goes without saying main reason doing this is I live overseas, don't have an AT&T sim and not getting updates.

I took it to the Samsung dealer here and they said they won't flash it with an official ROM for me which was disappointing.

It's safe to say I've gone through most threads on this, watched the YouTube videos and so on. Nothing works and never had this problem on other tablets before.



Senior Member
Feb 26, 2016
I have new SM-T727A outsite the US, want to flash other rom to del Att block and i found this thread.
Maybe late for you but can have someone next.
Find and download rom USC SM-T7274R (US Cellular unlock).
Unzip and flash via Odin Patched (must be Odin Patched).
Then you will have almost full unlocked Att tablet ( no bloatware, no Att account anymore, and FOTA update )
But still cant use native call or sms like international version.