S6 920F has new imei number related to different model?

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Nov 28, 2016

I hope somebody can help me as I'm so frustrated. I own a S6 920F which has 2 different IMEI numbers and I'm unable to use the phone for texts, incoming and outgoing calls. The sim card is fine.

The IMEI Number stored in the phone does not match the original IMEI printed on the back- Both imei numbers are clean and are not blacklisted. The IMEI number stored in the phone brings up a completely different phone model.

I have contacted Samsung and EE as when I bought the phone the phone was unlocked but had EE apps and both are saying to contact vice versa. Shocking CS.

I unrooted the phone and put it back to stock which worked fine but I'm still unable to use the phone features. when I dial *#0011# it says the IMEI is NG.

Can somebody please help, can the original IMEI be restored on the phone?


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Oct 19, 2016
Did you try to boot through the Smart Switch? I had this problem some time ago with an S3 and that solved it. Watch video. Good luck.

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