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S6 Dead - only download (odin) mode available

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Sep 1, 2017
Hi guys. My little story about my SM-G920W8 (original firmware) :

I went to a waterfall boat cruise and my phone got wet while I was taking some pics. It didn't fall into the water; it only got some spray and that was all.

A few minutes later it started to behave weird, like the buttons were pressed randomically, and weird stuff appeared on the scream (three keyboards kinda overlapping each other, horizontal colored lines, green rectangles, etc). I didn't turn it off and 5 minutes later the phone screen went black and the blue LED got on.

After that the phone got irresponsible at all and stayed with the blue LED on until the battery was dead (+- 4 hours later). I charged it again and nothing happen, until I tried to turn it on in different modes. The only thing that worked was the download mode.

Since I need to recover some pics from this cruise, I tried connecting via usb and using ADB; No success: the phone is detected by the computer (samsung drivers are installed), but "adb devices" doesn't show it at all. I'm not 100% sure, but I remember turning the debug mode on prior to the accident because I was developing an app for it. The phone has been into the rice for the last 2 days, but nothing has changed.

My questions:

Is there any chance to recover the pics from the phone? What else should I try to get ADB working? Is there an alternative for ADB to access the files?