S8+ Android Pie - Call recording

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Nov 16, 2010
Thanks for paying interest.
I have the SM-955F
A firmware update was available today. After installation I got
Bootloader G955FXXU4DSDA
Baseband G955FXXU4DSD6

and a call recorder function is now available (record button during the call. Recording parameters in the Phone app).
However the ACR app is still not supported...



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Jun 4, 2012
Pie ile S8'de çağrı kaydı

S8'imi Pie'den Andoid 8 yetkilisine düşürdüm. Şimdi çağrı kayıt uygulaması ACR by nll eskisi gibi iyi çalışıyor. Çağrı kaydına çok ihtiyacım var, bu yüzden s8'imi düşürdüm. Tek sorun, Pie yükseltme açılır penceresinin şimdi ve sonra görünmesidir. Bildirimi kalıcı olarak durduramadığım için daha sonra

dostum S8+ Pie 9 dan android 7 veya 8 nasıl düşürdün bu münkün mü bana yardımcı olurmusun

Translation: dude how did you drop android 7 or 8 from S8 + Pie 9 is this possible, can you help me?
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    It is NOT Google's job to police the world. Where I live, it is legal to record your phone calls. I do this to protect myself just as I have a dash cam for the same reason. When the government introduced "privacy laws", I knew they were put in place, not to protect "my" privacy, but to protect the politician from having to answer to us, the voter's. Now when asked a question, they can say that they can't answer due to the privacy laws. Damn politicians. Damn corporations. Damn Google, Apple, Facebook. DAMN!
    You are right the countries dont. So as soon as your country ads call recording the the OS that it makes......oh wait thats right.

    Google has to follow the rules in the country it is made. Not to mention if you use that on someone in the states like I mentioned they can and have been known to sue across country lines and win.

    Which State? Only 11 States require 2 party consent. And I would guess (actually I'm not guessing) that 100% of my calls are not only, only in my country, but also in my one consent province. Now PROVE (i.e. show actual cases of someone successfully being sued across country lines) your last statement. Otherwise you're just spewing garbage.

    Again, I don't need Google, the USA or YOU policing me. I've checked the local laws with a local lawyer and you are right on one item (kind of but not 100%). Your call recording "may not" be allowed on court, but it CAN be used against a witness if they perjured thenselves. If they lie in court (talking Ontario Canada only here), a NEW case can be opened against the witness, charging them with perjury. Your lawyer would probably take the defendant's lawyer aside and inform him/her that, if the witness perjures themself, he has evidence and will have them charged. Pretty strong deterrent having the recording, even if you can't use it directly.

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    Wow you just dont get it do you. Your laws dont matter. They mean nothing. If you want proof go get it yourself. I am not your mother and we dont spoon feed here. Might take some time. It has been awhile since I cared about it to be honest. I use a voice scrambler on all my calls for fun. So recording the call became useless.

    If you dont think you are held to our laws by using a US based OS just ask China.


    Now if you dont like it then by all means code and OS yourself that will follow your laws.
    Just wondering, have you been told today?

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