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Oct 28, 2012
a lot of the problems are with cheap chinese boxes using inferior components, buy from a respected seller, id recommend Zoomtak UPlus or an Ebox T8 V from EntertainmentBox a bit more pricey, but no lag or problems all s912.
Sir, would like to know if your Zoomtak Uplus is working well with this rom. Are there any show stoppers or minor inconveniences?
Thanks and regards.


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Mar 29, 2013
I have a M9S Z9 box (S912 -2gb/16gb) running the last official rom since many years, based on Android 6. Is there any way i can flash successfully with the Poison ROM ? Whatever i tried until now (recovery mode and flash via sdcard the images found here or via the USB burn tool) failed.


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Jun 29, 2021
Good post! Unfortunately, I can't download here, trouble landlord big man send me firmware, thank you! Email address: [email protected]
My firmware version: Here is T95Z 7.1.2 Modified Stockware And TWRP Pre-Installed For 3\/32


May 24, 2018
Can someone re-upload T95Z 7.1.2 Modified Stock Firmware with TWRP pre-installed for 3/32 that looks like the only one that is missing.


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Aug 5, 2021
does anyone know how to even flash the box? i have a slimbox version for it and i dont know how to flash.


Mar 17, 2013
Can anyone please post a working link to
T95Z 7.1.2 Modified Stock Firmware with TWRP pre-installed for 2/16 I've tried every link in thread on other sites on the interwebs and either all are broken or end up being the wrong one would be very much appreciated.


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Sep 14, 2021
in /system/etc get the bootvideo
rename it bootvideo.mp4
remove the audio with whatever program you desire on pc, rename back to bootvideo, place back in system/etc, reboot

As for kodi, you can download the latest kodi, i use kodi 18, i havent messed around with extensions or addons

Also thanks for the feedback
Thanks for your humble answer Plzz keep sharing this type of update in the future. Aslo check out: https://kinemastermods.com/ https://kinemastermods.com/
@whiteak (but @Ricky Divjakovski too): dunno if the project is definitively abandoned but, if not, it would be possible to base it on @npjohnson 's LineageOS ?

Thanks !
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Oct 2, 2013
cikarang selatan
Flash on X92 2 gb, must flash T95Z firmware first, sorry for my english,


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    Poison ROM

    Welcome to the Poison ROM thread.

    As promised, we're delivering a stunning quality ROM to the S912 community. Even though it was originally made for the T95Z, it may or may not work on other S912 Devices as well.

    All bugs within the firmware are fixed as well as a lot of extra features added.
    A lot of time and effort has been put into this project so if you feel the ROM is good enough for a donation, you can DONATE HERE

    This ROM was originally created for the T95Zdevice, you can purchase the 2/16GB version here or the 3/32GB version here

    Network Tweaks
    -Increased Beacon Filtering
    -Disabled IP checksum offloading
    -Enabled 802.11d support
    -Decreased AP monitor link period
    -Extended AP link keep alive period(1.5)
    -Disabled Powersave Offload
    -Decreased active channel time
    -Disabled logging and sending data
    -Use google DNS by default
    -Extended TCP buffer size
    -IPV4 tweaks
    -Other various network enhancement tweaks
    UI Tweaks
    -Semi Transparent Navigation and Statusbar
    -Improved Tile Icons
    -Transparent Tiles
    -Removed logo
    -Improved Wifi Icon
    -Improved Application Icons
    -Modified LED resources
    -Poison Boot Video
    -Window animation now scales faster
    Property tweaks
    -ADB enabled by default
    -Device does not sleep by default unless power key is pressed
    -Developer Options enabled by default
    -HDMI CEC enabled by default
    -Faster Streaming(network tweaks)
    -Better Image Quality
    -Enabled Performance Tuning
    -Enabled Dithering
    -Enter key bug
    -H.264 playback
    -Statusbar and Navigation Bar Full Immersive
    --Google Playstore resetting
    Smoother experience
    -Removed Bloat Apps
    -Removed Bloat Libraries
    -Removed Factory Apps
    -Removed Stock Kodi config files
    -Removed pre-installed apps
    -Removed PPPoE
    -Removed obsolete/unusable apps
    -Removed TTS data
    -Enabled .mp4 Boot Videos
    -Adblocking hosts
    -Init.d enabled
    -CEC tweaked
    -Added smoother graphics tweaks
    -EsFileExplorer as default File Manager
    -Reboot app
    -Init.d enabled
    -String LMK handling
    -Deadline scheduler set on boot
    -SDcard read ahead increased
    -Disabled certain logging
    -Root and system mounted Noatime
    -Pre-installed apps are removed from storage after installed
    Universal installation
    -Modified to use preinstalled kernel on device
    -Based on T95Z 3/32 build 1076 firmware
    -May work on other S912 devices.

    NOTE: If your device is not on android 7.1.2 you must flash stock 7.1.2 with USB burning tool to update the bootloader.

    USB Burning Tools can be downloaded from here.

    If you have the T95Z device (Normal Ram, not LP Ram version), I have modified the Stock Firmware to include Custom Recovery (TWRP) already, there is no need to flash Custom Recovery if you flash the modified Stock 7.1.2 Firmware below. Just boot into Recovery and Flash Poison Rom.

    Here is the T95Z 7.1.2 Modified Stock Firmware with TWRP pre-installed for 2/16 - Download here

    Here is T95Z 7.1.2 Modified Stock Firmware with TWRP pre-installed for 3/32 - Download here

    If you have one of the newer T95Z boxes with the LP Ram and for some reason your Firmware version is not 7.1.2, you will need to flash the LP Ram version 7.1.2 of Firmware, this is unmodified Stock Firmware, meaning that twrp is not pre-installed.

    Here is the LP Ram Version T95Z 7.1.2 Stock Firmware for 3/32: Download here

    Here is the LP Ram Version T95Z 7.1.2 Stock Firmware for 2/16: Download here

    NOTE: For Non T95Z devices, you must have TWRP recovery installed on your device, if your device is not the T95Z and you have your own devices Stock 7.1.2 Firmware installed, you can flash the Custom Recovery (TWRP) for S912 devices below.

    2gb Ram S912 TWRP can be downloaded from here:
    3gb Ram S912 TWRP can be downloaded from here.

    NOTE: v3.0+ is compatible with 1/8, 1/16, 2/8, 2/16, 3/16 and 3/32 variants.
    One Package for them all

    1. Reboot into recovery
    2. Perform a Standard Wipe (Click wipe, swipe to wipe)
    3. Select Install and Install the Poison zip file
    4. Enjoy Poison Rom!

    WARNING: On first boot, after Boot Video plays, the screen will stay black for up to 5 mins, wait until the launcher appears and finishes installing apps (10 min) before using Rom.



    ----------------------------------------> V4.3

    Updated to latest Google Play Store to fix the issue of not recognizing purchased apps.
    Updated to latest Google Play Services
    Reverted back to V4.1 Boot Video

    ----------------------------------------> V4.2

    Fixed background play issue. (Home button closing apps etc)
    Launcher Tiles set back to Default (Browser opens Firefox, Kodi opens Kodi 17.6)
    Preinstalled apps updated to Latest Versions

    ----------------------------------------> V4.1

    Fixed Install Bootloop

    ----------------------------------------> V4.0

    New Boot Logo
    New Boot Animation
    Fixed Various Settings scripts
    Settings are now only applied on first boot
    Fixed Wifi backup/restore
    Fixed Bluetooth backup/restore
    Added remote configuration backup/restore
    Lightweight browser added
    Youtube HD TV version now preinstalled
    Added AMLogic flasher application
    Redirected the launcher to fix shortcuts
    Kodi 18 preinstalled
    New wallpaper for V4.0
    Completely stabilized for everyone
    Fixed some init.d errors

    ----------------------------------------> V3.5

    Semi working wifi/bt backup
    Added premature logo

    ----------------------------------------> V3.1

    Included play fix

    ----------------------------------------> V3.0

    Based on newer firmware(Build 1076 for 3/32 ported for all other variants)
    Changed DNS servers
    Removed Contacts Sync
    Removed Calendar sync
    Streaming improved
    Fixed hosts blocking some anti-malicous adverts
    OTA updating implemented
    More universal support
    Attempted fix preserving wifi drivers
    Updated busybox(Stericsons)
    Improved init.d functionallity
    Changed the way preinstalled apps are installed
    Fixed Navigation Bar bug
    By default status bar is hidden until hovered
    Removed irrelevant TTS data
    Fixed background process trying to apply wallpaper
    Removed all PPPoE and processes
    Navigation Bar and Status Bar are semi transparent
    Snappier UI
    Quicker Animation Scales
    Navbar and Status Bar do not persist in apps until you go to top or bottom
    Debloated even more, rom is less than 500MB
    USB debugging enabled by default
    Developer options enabled by default
    HDMI CEC enabled by default
    Auto change language disabled by default
    One key play disabled by default
    Device does not sleep by default unless power key is pressed
    Updated reboot recovery icon
    Fixed 4k playback for H.264

    ----------------------------------------> V2.0

    Absolutely lightning fast
    Preinstall folder added
    Brightness fix
    IPV4 Tweaks
    Aggressive low memory killer
    Logger disabled
    Journalism tweaked
    Loopy smoothness tweak
    Zipaligned apps on boot
    Root and system remounted Noatime
    Deadline scheduler set at boot
    Tweaked deadline scheduler
    Sdcard read ahead changed to 2048(faster IO)
    Silenced bootsound
    Fixed Playstore

    ----------------------------------------> V1.0(Initial)

    Network Tweaks
    -Increased Beacon Filtering
    -Disabled IP checksum offloading
    -Enabled 802.11d support
    -Decreased AP monitor link period
    -Extended AP link keep alive period(1.5)
    -Disabled powersave offload
    -Decreased active channel time
    -Disabled logging and sending data
    -Use googles DNS by default
    -Extended TCP buffer size
    -IPV4 tweaks
    -Other various network enhancement tweaks

    UI Tweaks
    -Changed the launcher background(S9 leaked wallpaper)
    -Better looking tile icons
    -Transparent tiles
    -Removed logo
    -Better looking wifi icon
    -Better looking application icons
    -Modified LED resources
    -Poison boot video

    Property tweaks
    -Faster streaming(network tweaks)
    -Better image quality
    -Enabled performance tuning
    -Enabled dithering

    -Enter key bug

    Smoother experience
    -Removed bloat apps
    -Removed default wallpaper(never used)
    -Removed factory apps
    -Removed stock kodi config files
    -Enabled video booting
    -Adblocking hosts
    -Init.d enabled
    -Disabled CEC by default
    -Added smoother graphics tweaks
    -EsFileExplorer as default filemanager
    -Reboot app

    XDA:DevDB Information
    PoisonRom, ROM for the Android Stick & Console Computers

    Ricky Divjakovski, Whiteak
    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2018-02-18
    Last Updated 2018-06-20

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [S912 DEVICES][ROM] Poison ROM [V4.3][STABLE], ROM for the Android Stick & Console Computers

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 4.3

    Created 2018-07-01
    Last Updated 2018-07-04
    Devwlopement is discontinued for all of poison until further notice, family related issues, ill be needing a break for a few weeks
    New SSD + free time = Project back on board!
    Get ready for a Poison V6!
    Honestly never thought this would get 200k views on the thread and almost 100k downloads, great job everyone, i will update this ROM soon!
    Update coming quite soon