Sac23 full s8 port V9 (oreo apps) for s7/s7 edge(20-11-2017)

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May 27, 2015
There is some problems and bugs with V9.0...
When someone call me i answer and about 5sec we are talking, after 5sec i cant hear him and also he cant hear me.
And also there is no record screen in quick panel and in appdrawer, but record screen is installed and it shows in titanium backup... and also with private mode...
When i install rom, samsung internet browser doesnt work i delete him with titanium back up then i install it via play store. Wifi calling generaly doesnt work in my country.
And also keyboard sometimes doesnt work, its shows on screen but buttons doesnt respond....
Battery drain faster in V9.0 than V8.6
I think V8.6 is more stable than V9.0

Sorry for my english [emoji16]
s7 edge loaded on different imei device

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Feb 5, 2009
I see v9 from 14Nov. Its newest? Tks you
Link for 20/11/2017 update please !!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess. But previous temporary release was too buggy for me to use practically everyday and I can keep flashing data off phone just to reinstall and load all my data back onto phone; So I went back to V8.6.
V8.6 is decent rom, but not as full rom control as other rom's but its pretty good non the less.

The V9 release.... either way I not going to use it untill its perfect. I am gonna change to another rom anyways.

From SAC channel news:
SAC S8 port V9:

just a test version here plz test and report if there are bugs

gets s8 rom heres small update i renamed as v9 i dident have alot time to work on it but heres fixes and
such fixed magisk
added oreo apks ,
samsung connect
galaxy apps
edge panel
photo editor
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