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SailFish OS for Note4 Exynos

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Sep 11, 2006
I have a note 4 Exynos version and I am looking for SailFish OS over Android L/M for the following reasons

Apps and screen looks as good as Android or may be better.
good Performance
Supports a large number of apps (including android apps)
Most important reason - Those days are gone when we used to charge our mobiles only twice / thrice in a week, with a moderate to high usage. I know some of you might argue stating that Android is built for performance......agreed!! But not every android user wants to play CPU intensive games or use some high end app through out the day. Most of us or at least a major chunk of mobile users use their mobiles to make calls, whatspp, FB a few times, check news etc. We see that within a few minutes the battery meter drops from 100 to 70 and then to 50 within no time at all. If I am wrong in this assumption, then why do I see so many people complaining about battery draining fast or why do I see so many people trying to dim their screens, turn off high speed internet or other similar apps.

Recently I came across 2 OSs which can be installed on our high end devices like Note 4 - FireFox OS and SnailFish OS which are very very lighweight operating systems and have all the good features like that of an Andoird. I know FireFox OS looks a little ancient, but SFOS looks as good as a Lolipop. I suppose Marshmallow has a feature to turn off certain features when the mobile is not moving, therby reducing the battery consumption, but I want something really lightweight which is less CPU intensive no matter what I am doing on my mobile. Moreover SFOS seems to support all the andoid apps by using an android layer (if the need be)

Could some developer come forward and get this idea rolling? I am sure there are many out ther who would apprecaite this idea!!
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