Sailfish OS for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (snapdragon/mido)

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Apr 2, 2007


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WARNING: "Modifying or replacing your device’s software may void your device’s warranty, lead to data loss,
hair loss, financial loss, privacy loss, security breaches, or other damage,
and therefore must be done entirely at your own risk. No one affiliated
with this project is responsible for your actions but yourself. Good luck."

Hello and good news everybody!
Sailfish OS on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (mido), this is a community port!

Firstly....this is not Android. There is no play store, google apps, whatsapp etc.

Donate to me!
Feel free to send a small donation to me to further development. Donation links are also in my profile.

Status, download, installation...
Sailfish OS is a GNU/Linux based mobile operating system, which is gesture-driven for the ease of use. It runs natively as glibc (not Android's bionic), has bash and busybox (not toolbox), uses Qt for UX, and other opensource projects in its middleware -- which basically is just like a Linux on your desktop, but needs Android drivers for some of device's hardware.
And everything else you need to know:

Working: Calls, Data, WFii, GPS, BT, LED, Vibration, Hardphones
Not Working: fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint Sensor?

Android Base
LineageOS 13.0 20170517

***Build Server Devel Builds:***

Old CM13 Installation
Unlock boot loader following instructions elsewhere
Install TWRP
Install the LineageOS 13 Firmware package from the CM13 ROM linked above
Install LineageOS 13 from the 'Android Base' link above.
Reboot back into recovery
Install the SailfishOS .zip over the top using TWRP
Keep fingers crossed!

LOS 14.1 Installation
Unlock bootloader
Install TWRP
Perform a format (not just wipe) of /data
Install the LOS 14.1 firmware package from
Install LOS 14.1 20170921
Install Sailfish OS version PGZ26 or above

All newer releases of Salilfish just require the latest .zip installed, not the whole process.

Installation video (user made)


OTA updates
If you have installed version PGZ18 or above, you can perform an OTA update using the commands
Edit /usr/share/ssu/features.d/adaptation-community.ini and change the URL to:

To install just the latest packages from my rep do:
version --dup
To update the sailfish OS release, set the release version using:
ssu re a.b.c.d (where a.b.c.d is the release number like
and then do
version --dup
as root. perform a reboot afterwards

To upgrade to a new Sailfish OS release, enter these commands as root
ssu release <version> (eg, ssu release
version --dup


Bug Reports
Please log bug reports here:

Dual Boot Instructions

XDA:DevDB Information

the HADK team, the Mer Project, the Nemo Project and all the fine people over at #sailfishos-porters

Source Code:
Kernel Code:

Sailfish OS Version:
ROM Base OS Version: LineageOS 13
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.18.31

Version Information
Status: Alpha

PGZ10: Initial Public Release - Working calls, data, wifi
PGZ11: Working BT and working Jolla Store access
PGZ16: Working LED, fixed vibration, fixed headphone detection, MP3 playback
PGZ18: Added OTA updates. Some kernel changes, but nothing else major.
PGZ20: Updated to Some config changes for wifi, and other minor stuff

Created 2017-06-30
Last Updated 20167-06-30[/QUOTE]
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Mar 5, 2012
I thank you so much for this project, but can you tell me where I can download los 13 firmware? because I have already instaled for los 14.1 and I must do factory wipe, before I start flash this .zip files right?

And it`s possible to back to twrp and install normal custom ROM when I want back to android?
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Apr 2, 2007
Guys, try the CM14 firmware package, i just saw that the zip for that is on my phone, and the kernel for sailfish is based on LOS14.1 ... also, make sure to format /data to unencrypt it

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