Sailfish OS for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5/ 5 Plus (vince)

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Feb 24, 2022
After the firmware on, my smartphone did not boot further than the logo. I returned to And the Camera and GPS started working. They didn't work before that.
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Dec 5, 2020
Hi All,

I have some questions related to the need of installing Lineage OS along Sailfish OS :

- why is it necessary? What is its role?

- can you please confirm Sailfish be a Linux based OS? If yes, why does it need an Android distribution?

- Why Lineage 14? It is quite old (Android 7), therefore vulnerable in terms of security.

- Is it for dual boot? Or Sailfish runs on top of Lineage (like with a virtual machine)?

- how much space and overall resources do the whole installation and use require?

Thanks in advance
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Feb 24, 2022
  • 2022-07-13: OS version was released to all users as an over-the-air update. VoLTE beta support added for Xperia 10 II.

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    Change log:

    • 2021-10-08 update to
    • 2021-07-08 update to
    • 2021-03-08 update to
    • 2020-11-20 update to
    • 2020-05-02 update to
    • 2019-11-16 update to
    • 2019-09-27 add 15.1 base sailfishos
    • 2019-09-09 update to
    • 2019-05-11 update to
    • 2019-03-30 update to
    • 2019-03-25 fix FM radio on
    • 2019-01-26 update to
    • 2018-11-10 update to
    • 2018-09-25 fix browser video playback bug(by @PiggZ)
    • 2018-07-22 fix FM radio and power key wakeup delay bugs
    • 2018-06-29 delete some zip, because of some bugs
    • 2018-06-15 fix video record freeze
    • 2018-06-13 fix video thumbnails in Gallery, if you use OTA, you need to remove ffmpeg and install libav, and rm -rf /home/nemo/.cache/org.nemomobile/thumbnails/*
    • 2018-06-10 update to
    • 2018-05-17 gps and sensors fixed
    • 2018-05-16 sailfish browser fixed, use "zypper ref && zypper up" to upgrade

    What works:
    • calls/SMS/data
    • audio
    • video
    • wifi
    • bt
    • camera
    • sensors
    • GPS
    • FM

    what's not:
    1. fingerprint(as the stuff not done yet)
    2. IR(no 32bit lib)

    How to install

    1.packages need to be downloaded:

    2.install steps:
    1. unlock bootloader, you will need to wait some days
    2. rollback to miui 9?(android 7.1 based version) if you are on miui10
    3. flash twrp
    4. flash (flash only once)
    5. flash in recovery
    6. reboot to recovery, flash sailfishos-vince-release-$VERSION-devel-$
    enjoy :)

    OTA updates
    To upgrade to a new Sailfish OS release, enter these commands as root
    ssu re #change it
    version --dup

    For update to, you need do some more
    ssu ar sfos-test
    ssu dr adaptation-community-common
    ssu dr adaptation-community
    ssu re
    version --dup

    WIKI Page

    Bug report
    freenode: #sailfishos-porters or #jolla-cn

    First of all, very thanks to zhxt, no him no this.
    Also thanks @TingyiChen , PiggZ and zamoroz from github. mal,sledges,ghosalmartin,krnlyng from #sailfishos-porters.

    6 version has too many bugs, so i delete some on , i suggest you install, it's only has one bug(fixed in, i will try to fix it in
    FM radio was fixed, use " zypper ref && zypper up " to upgrade
    Update: 2018-11-10
    upgrade to on testing branch), devel branch need obs maintainer change latest repo to
    If you are on testing branch, you can use ssu re and version --dup to upgrade now.
    If you are on devel branch, you need to wait a little longer.

    Chech which branch you are
    [[email protected] ~]$ ssu lr|grep adaptation-community|grep testing
     - adaptation-community        ... [url][/url]
     - adaptation-community-common ... [url][/url]
    Sensors fixed!(rotation sensor and magnetometer sensor not work)
    use zypper ref && zypper up to update