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Are you using this SailfishOS for titan?

  • Yeah i'm using it as daily driver

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  • Nah i'm just curious about new releases

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  • I'm waiting for <some bug> being fixed

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  • Nah i don't care

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Sep 11, 2015
I didnt get


Where is rootfs. on your post i have only seen cm11 and i downloaded that but i did not find rootfs link to download
So Plz Help me

Thnks In Advance


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Oct 2, 2014
In the header above your post you can find it! "Downloads";)


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Dec 27, 2014
Next build is uploading. Wifi and bt and settings fixed. Have fun

You have bugs near Downloads. I know sim not working. Battery drain must be fixed i know (some process using cpu all time)

And sim is on working list? nope

Please get the sim working ... I would love to use this ROM :)
Loved your work BTW :) battery was actually good for me


Senior Member
Jun 3, 2013
Wow, this was amazing to try out, can't wait to see the finished product. I only noticed a few things. The double tap to wake didn't work, but then again, I'm not sure if the phone is even capable of double tap to wake.

I created a Jolla account on their website. When I entered the l/p in the phone, it wouldn't accept it because the IMEI was not found. Will this os be able to use their store, or does it only accept IMEI numbers from their own product?

Anyways, this is an awesome start and I can't wait to try it out again. Thanks for brining this to the Moto G 2014!

First. Is dt2w or sim on the working list? No

After i get Sim working i will try to get store (need to compare imei from two phones). By now you can use warehouse


Senior Member
May 6, 2015
I tried to install it but the flashing of cm11 didn't go fine, the recovery rebooted and now I can't even restore one of my backups. It seems that there's a problem in the system partition. Any suggestions?

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    Hi, are you still Maintaining this Rom? the links are dead and the only version that I could find (3.1) is in a telegram channel @TitanRoms
    Not to mention that you can OTA from 3.1 zip to 3.3…
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    SailfishOS for Moto G 2014 by VerdandiTeam

    For Thea go here

    Warning: Flashing this may void your device’s warranty, lead
    to data loss, hair loss, financial loss, privacy loss, security breaches, or other damage, and therefore
    must be done entirely at your own risk. No one affiliated with this project is responsible for your
    actions but yourself.

    Not working:
    - maybe some minor bugs

    If you have error "Could not configure normal mode." in warehouse run in terminal:
    devel-su rm -rf /var/cache/pk-zypp-cache; devel-su pkcon refresh

    To get store working set password in developer tools and then run in terminal "devel-su zypper ref" then type password.

    • download cm12.1 base
    • download rootfs
    • [OPTIONAL] flash Jolla bootlogo :)
    • wipe everything (data/dalvik/system/cache you know)
    • Install cm12.1
    • Install rootfs
    • Boot
    • Have fun

    BUILD 1:
    • initial

    BUILD 2:
    • wifi, bt, touch fixed

    BUILD 3:
    • SIM
    • Preinstalled Warehouse - you can install apps from there

    BUILD 4:
    • SD card
    • video playback in browser
    • earphones

    BETA 1:
    • dualsim

    BETA 2:
    • call echo fix
    • camera
    • gallery video playback

    BETA 3:
    • no 4G in sim settings
    • fm
    • OTA
    • Bluetooth file sending
    • Camera video recording

    STABLE 1:
    • Built using OTA

    STABLE 2:
    • Full OTA support
    • Fixed no mobile data on second sim

    STABLE 3:
    • Updated to sailfish

    STABLE 4:
    • Fixed calls and gps

    STABLE 5:
    • Update to

    STABLE 6:
    • Update to
    • New hack for gui which makes it a lot more stable
    • Vibrations are now working correctly

    STABLE 7:
    • Update to
    • Stability fixes

    STABLE 8:
    • Update to

    STABLE 9:
    • Update to

    STABLE 10:
    • Update to

    STABLE 11:
    • Update to (parkour)

    STABLE 12:
    • Update to

    STABLE 13:
    • Update to

    STABLE 14:
    • Update to


    Run in terminal:
    devel-su ssu re
    devel-su ssu ar adaptation-community
    devel-su ssu ar adaptation-community-common
    devel-su zypper clean -a
    devel-su zypper ref -f
    version --dup
    reboot phone

    After bug occurs type in the terminal following commands:
    devel-su dmesg
    devel-su journalctl
    and give me logs from there (do not paste it in the post! Use [URL=""][/URL])
    devel-su will ask you for password, you can set it in developer tools.

    Many thanks to sledges, mal- and other people on #sailfishos-porters IRC channel that helped me.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Sailfishos for titan, ROM for the Moto G 2014

    Source Code:

    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: Sailfish OS

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 12

    Created 2015-09-17
    Last Updated 2020-01-20
    Got camera working but no sound on video :)

    So what left?
    • OTA - i need make it more stable first
    • camera - done (almost xD)
    • gallery video playback - yup it's working
    • Bluetooth file sending - it's not working. dunno why
    • USSD codes working - same as bluetooth
    • sfdroid (android-in-window) - i'll work on it (we are so close, it's working sometimes :D)
    • my own cm11 base (need for sfdroid) - yup it will be
    • Jolla store - waiting for it
    Next build is uploading. Wifi and bt and settings fixed. Have fun
    Good news! Some progress with ril. Now sailfish find sim but cannot use it :v
    Shhhhh! Don't wake up anyone!
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