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[SamPWND]USA Model BL Unlock Info [U/U1/W]

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Nov 28, 2020
Excellent service! And just a heads up if you happen to flash 3.1 by accident you can revert back to 3.0 and you will still retain your unlock token. Keep up the good work guys.


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Excellent service! And just a heads up if you happen to flash 3.1 by accident you can revert back to 3.0 and you will still retain your unlock token. Keep up the good work guys.
not always true.. best thing is to NOT update because if bl is incremented then theyll lose unlock and cant downgrade.. sounds like u got lucky lol.. should unlock first then theres safe updates posted


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Dec 7, 2012
is it possible to revert to BL v. 1 from my state below ?
if so, how to do ?
thank you !


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    is z flip 3 compatible wanting to do asap
    if that is the one that just launched then no, not at this time
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    Note: This Thread is @svetius Approved!

    SamPWND Bootloader Unlock Service

    Note2: This is an informational thread that links to a paid service. Paid service is not a service provided by XDA.

    The service described in this thread is simply to provide a remote service that will unlock the bootloader on USA Samsung devices released from the S10 and newer devices. This includes S10, N10, S20, N20, S21, Flip/Fold models, Tab S7 etc. devices which typically will have the letter U, U1, W or in some carrier specific cases might have a different letter, for example, N976V is Verizon N10! 5G model which is also unlockable. This service is not for Exynos variants or China/HK variants that are already unlockable by default.

    Due to the nature of this service, there is no exploit that exists. It is also device specific so it is impossible to release any sort of exploit or method that would work on every device due to it being device specific. I will explain more of the process below but please understand that individual files are needed for me to purchase to unlock your devices and of course that is why this service is not able to be provided for free. You all know from my past experiences and posts that if I could provide a free method I would have already done so.

    1. First you should be sure to read the FAQ's and all other information on the website and in this thread etc. then be 100% sure that unlocking is what you want to do. Read the notes/disclaimers, refund policy, etc. etc.

    2. If you decide unlocking through this service is what you want to do, proceed to the website https://www.sampwnd.com and in the menu go to the "Purchase" tab.

    3. Be sure to read each step clearly and enter in accurate information. Form is designed to help walk you though getting your OneUI version, bootloader version, the correct DID etc. etc. It also includes a brief description of the refund policy as well as a signature box to sign just iindicating that you have read everything and agree. This is also done so that if you are on a device or a specific update/bootloader version that cannot be unlocked then it will tell you so and will not allow you to make a payment or will show 0$. If you can unlock your device, it will show you the price and allow you to make a payment once you have completed the form.

    4. It will take 1-2 business days (not counting weekends, holidays, as well as life events such as if I get sick or life happens or my source is not available at the time etc.) to have the payment hit my bank account at which time I will send to my source to obtain your unlock "token."

    5. Once token is received, I will proceed to message you on Telegram or Discord (whichever you prefer, you have the option to leave your username for both when filling out the form) and will send Instrucitons in a txt file along with modded ODIN (in case you don't already have it) as well as your unlock token so that you can unlock your device at your earliest convenience!

    I wanted to try and keep the XDA threads short and clean so any notes or FAQ's you have questions for I suggest you view the website including the FAQ's first as well as the support group on TG is a good place to talk to others who have already unlocked or planning to unlock using this service as well as you can ask in this thread as usual.

    The "Purchase Form" on the website when filled out correctly based on your device will tell you if your device is unlockable or not so fill that out first and if unlockable it will tell you the price at the end of which you can either pay or not depending on what you decide!

    -IMPORTANT - Do NOT blindly update if you are unlocked already or if you plan to unlock your bootloader via this service. Sammy has incremented the bootloader and updated some devices to OneUI 3.1 which breaks the BL unlock. Devices still on the same rev (i.e. S20 at time of this writing) then you can just flash back an older OneUI firmware and device will be unlocked again. If you update to OneUI 3.1 on new bootloader version then you likely will lost the unlock and can't downgrade (i.e. S20FE on rev2/3, N20 and S21 Models on rev2). That said, there are some devs posting some "safe" update files to allow you to update to latest firmware without losing your unlock so before taking any updates always check in the support group first. You have been warned!
    - This method will unlock the bootloader allowing you to use custom firmware, custom kernels and everything else that is allowed with an unlocked bootloader including Magisk root.
    - Please read the policies on the website including refund policy. Proceeding with the unlock service assumes you have read everything including the policies and decided to continue with the service.
    - This DOES NOT unlock your SIM or carrier/network. it is NOT a SIM unlock.
    - This process modifies the steady partition. Therefore if you end up messing with this partition or get another remote service such as combo flash or sim unlock service etc. that messes with the steady partition then you might overwrite the unlock and essentially relock the bootloader. Chances are if you have no idea what a steady partition is then I would not worry about it at all.
    - Knox will be tripped. This means apps that rely on Knox flag not being tripped will no longer work i.e. Secure Folder, Samsung Pay etc.
    - Once the device is unlocked, if for whatever reason it is locked again then it cannot be unlocked anymore. So make sure that once you unlock the bootloader that this is the choice you want to make and you want it unlocked.
    - This service is strictly to unlock the bootloader. It is not a root thread, ROM service etc. What you choose to do with your device after being unlocked is your choice. Once device is unlocked, this thread/service will have served it's purpose. Links to other threads sources will likely be provided in another post just so users who are unlocking will have an easy reference and to keep this thread clean.

    If you have any complaints about the service or want to provide feedback then please do so via PM and/or the contact page on the website or via TG/Discord if we have already spoke there etc. Do not bother the forum moderators with complaints regarding the service itself because they are not affiliated with the service and I simply got permission to post about and talk about the service. I assume this isn't something usually granted but I'd like to believe due to me being a long time member, contributor, developer and moderator that an exception was made. Keep in mind, if this somehow get's out of hand or goes south I am sure I will end up having to delete this thread. Let's not let it get to that point!

    - This is not a get rich quick scheme or something to make money. Trust me, I wouldn't even bother with this if my purpose was to make money because it is not very lucrative to say the least. There is cost involved with purchasing the actual unlock, site costs, payment gateway fees to be able to accept payments, time and effort to process the unlocks etc. so take all of that into consideration when weighing the cost.
    - It has been years since USA models had a device that could be unlocked. I have spent countless weeks researching security since the S8. I released root methods for S8 devices as well as the S9/N9 devices at a later time which took a long time to figure out and that was just a basic root method. I was skeptical at first about this unlock process but trusted my sources and when I first unlocked my device I did various testing and concluded it is legit! At this time no one else knew about it, couldn't talk about it, etc. By word of mouth (until now), many devs/users have unlocked their device using this service. TWRP threads have popped up, some custom ROM threads have started popping up etc. The hope of going public is we get a lot more users purchasing and unlocking their devices (when it otherwise is not possible) and drives the development for USA devices.

    XDA is the ONLY place I have published this post and would like to keep it that way. You are NOT allowed to create your own posts in regards to this service and if I see any other posts around this service I will ask to have it removed. You can however link to this XDA post if anyone has questions as to how your device was unlocked.

    Note: If you frequented the website before, I have removed the "forum" function from the website since we can discuss everything here on XDA in this thread so there is no need for a forum to be attached to my website any longer. Registration on the website is not required for anything. You can view the shop and purchase the service or view the ROM's section to see some of my SamPWND ROM's and download them etc. if you like all without registering or anything.

    Wanted to post & confirm this is legit & after my first samsung(note 4), I now have root on my Note 20 Ultra, whoo-muthaf*ckin hoo!! ; ) Great to see that elliwigy has found the workaround & I am happy to pay the fee especially since he was the primary developer trying to acheive root back then! Well done sir!
    Thanks @elliwigy ! Got my device unlocked the same day I got it and contacted you guys. For any person questioning this service, don't. Its not a scam. Look into the OPs history and you would know that. Much love @elliwigy💚💚
    I wanted to leave yet another comment as to the legitness of the OP's offer. Worth the money and super quick turnaround. Never thought I'd get to use Viper audio again!

    Thanks again!