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This is good... The fact it appears is good. Thanks.
It keeps changing the default keyboard to Ime, so I have to switch every time I unfold the phone and need to type something...

Had to work out getting the thing to appear reliably so all the work getting it to handle persisting would hold. I think I found a balance.

Turns out i've been handling display changes "wrong" for the way they were being tracked. I was treating it like the launcher that only watches when active. Since it watches to return the default, that was also killing it off when it became active.
After what feels like a month's worth of folding and unfolding, I think I found the reason things didn't work the same for everyone. Looks like the lock screen Bixby hoopla threw a wrench in the works.

Not that adding my own fingerprint bypass fixed it, it just revealed the issue. The good news being that now it's being fixed. I should have something in the next... soon.
I won't get into too much detail because it's not a feature of the GitHub build, but T9 prediction uses a fairly extensive word list and returns results in an order based on the number of characters provided. If no results are found, it returns the characters entered. Hitting space or done with an entry will automatically return the closest match. Clicking on a suggestion will select it, but will not add a space. Future builds will try to match the previous characters given before spitting out the raw characters.
Seems a bunch of stuff was slipping through the cracks on the GitHub builds. Got that all sorted out, so it may look like an entirely different keyboard in the next version. It's better. I promise.

Fixed sticky and modifier keys to reflect status
The default theme is actually the default theme (not placeholders)
The shadows are aligned properly
Shift is reflected in the key text
Spacing is better to avoid unintentional taps
Colors on the keys don't bleed beyond the key
A bunch of T9 improvements
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    The one and only true Z Flip cover screen IME

    If blocking keyboards doesn't prevent using one,
    does blocking them really make sense?​

    After releasing the code to enable keyboards as part of SamSprung TooUI, this is a standalone cover screen IME. This project has been developed in the hope of one day being natively supported.

    Setup is relatively easy.

    Enable the permissions
    -> appear over apps to allow it to display
    -> accessibility to toggle it on the fly
    Enable keyboard (do NOT set as default)

    A free version has been released here through GitHub. The GitHub version has been posted exclusively on xda as a thank you to everyone who has been a part of SamSprung since it began. It is basic, but functional. The Google Play version will be updated with additional features and improvements.

    Traditional keyboard functionality has been specifically blocked on the cover screen by a root level configuration.
    This app bypasses current limitations by creating the keyboard around the field instead of fields requesting a cached keyboard instance.

    See the GitHub README for setup and usage information​


    If a picture is worth 1000 words, it would take hundreds to match the code being written.

    Added sound and vibration options. The sound may not sync perfectly. Still working out a better way to do that.

    I've also decided to make the Google Play release a paid app. It will only cost $1, but I need to start recovering a little of the cost. The version here will still be free. The only real difference will be that the version on Google Play is verified by Google, if that means anything.
    Nice. I'm actually glad you did a paid version of the keyboard given all the work you've done on the whole Samsprung development project. I didn't buy the Play Store version of the keyboard but I made another contribution today towards the Samsprung development project. I think everyone using the Samprung launcher and/or keyboard should at a minimum buy the Play Store version of the keyboard just to contribute in some way towards this project. It's a very small price to pay for something that has made our cover screen much better than what Samsung has done with it. Keep up the good work, twistedumbrella!!
    @lodvn Has the keyboard stopped stretching beyond thee screen for you on the newest update? I believe I finally tracked down the issue.

    For anyone that is interested in the "behind the scenes" junk, the interaction between the cover and main screen is a little buggy. Rather than a straight 0 or 1 for the current screen, it is more like 1111001111011111. What this ends up doing is more or less throwing a random full inner screen resolution into the mix at random intervals when things are idle. The trick is to keep invalidating the layout when it is added to make sure the measurements are the current ones and not a random injection.
    Just happened to be testing some other things and noticed the keyboard was now working with MultiStar and Good Lock

    The navigation bar pushes everything to the top of the screen, but it's progress. I'm hoping they update, since they also have the recent app bug (meaning you have to clear the app from recent to launch from the main display after using it on the cover).

    I may need to place suggestions vertically due to size limitations. I can't make the keys any shorter, but they can be thinner.
    @lodvn Has the keyboard stopped stretching beyond thee screen for you on the newest update? I believe I finally tracked down the issue.
    Yeah it seems to be working good now :)