Samsung 45w charger


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Apr 15, 2010
Can the 45w Samsung charger ep-ta845 be used for the s21 ultra with absolutely no difference at all compared to the 25w charger ep-ta800? I'm thinking about charging speed, heat, wear etc. It says on the 45w charger that it is compatible with super fast charging Gen 1 (25w) but it also has slightly different pps volt/amp ranges that aren't 100% aligned with those of the 25w charger.

Any knowledge on this here that goes beyond "it says that it works"? I know it will work, but will it be 100% equal to a 25w charger?


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Jun 15, 2011
New Mexico, US
I got two of these brand new yesterday from my pre-order and they worked yesterday but don't work today. Both phone, different cables, different outlets, different phones and still won't even charge at all. Pretty pissed off that BOTH went out already. Maybe 5 hrs of use.