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Samsung A50 - OTG and USB problems

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Aug 5, 2015
I have a A50 phone and tried to connect a Samsung OTG to the phone and inserted a USB containing videos into the OTG.
The OTG does not display and neither do the videos.

I can transfer the videos from the PC and the USB does not have any errors and works on PC and PVR.

The odd thing is that the OTG together with the videos on the USB display correctly on my wifes A70 and my sons S6 phones with the Samsung OTG and also non Samsung OTG without any problems.

Tried restarting and reinserting OTG and USB into the phone without any success.

I have tried restarting the phone ,did a factory reset without success . I also ran a OTG checker app and the the phone is compatible with the OTG.
The Samsung Customer Service Centre also could not solve the problem.

Any other suggestion please ?