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Dec 25, 2008
And after a couple of days or hours working almost perfect again errors reading my fingerprint arghhhhh.

Does all the problems come from glass protector?


Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A505FN met Tapatalk

Galaxy 553

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Jan 22, 2020
hello I have a galaxy a70 and I liked the original unlock animation that looked like water but now they look like 3 circles in expansive slings, as I revert it, please

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    Read the full article or just watch the video tutorial here:

    So, With this trick i assure you that You're gonna be no more dissatisfied with your galaxy A50/A70 fingerprint. So this is the trick here:

    Step 1: Remove all previously set fingerprints.

    Step 2: Settings -> Display --> Enable Touch Sensitivity.

    Step 3: Set Fingerprints Again.

    Step 4: Settings -> Display --> Disable Touch Sensitivity.

    That's all. Now you can enjoy a fast fingerprint similar to any 3d fingerprint sensor. ☺
    Hi everyone.
    Not sure if anyone mentioned yet, but i have found, that turn off blue light a switch Amoled from Adaptive to basic colors incresed speed of FP.. Can anyone test?

    latest august update has made fp very fast

    Yes.. Surprisingly that's true.. FP is improved like a charm..