Samsung Dex 5G Wi-Fi?

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Oct 19, 2011
No. I can be on 5G and connected to Dex over wifi at the same time. Same with being connected to Dex via USB. This is connected to Dex for Windows. Can't test TV.
When I connect my Note 20 Ultra to a monitor using the Samsung Dexpad, it changes the Wi-Fi from 5G to 2.4G, and then if I try to reconnect it to my Wi-Fi 5G network it doesn't even see the 5G anymore until I disconnect from Samsung Dex
That sucks. I can't verify that one because I don'thave the Dexpad. I connect mine to a computer via Samsung Dex which is a program for windows. It's kinda slow though.

Edit: I thought I would check it out on amazon because I might want one then I saw this review:

Wow. Where do I begin. I was excited to use this but it's constant issues make it not worth the price of admission. For starters, the DeX loses wifi connectivity *constantly*. Even with apps meant to help DeX productivity many of them don't work or are wonky. Cursors are awkward and don't change over hyperlinks. Oh, and if you were using Word for Android... well please know you need to sign up for office 365 to use it with DeX.
Overall the quality of this product was suspect. I really expected more from you, Samsung. My Note 9 is awesome, but this is a complete piece of junk.

My guess at this point is it might be the dock.