Samsung Galaxy A03s

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Raja Mastory

Jun 9, 2022
Hey Guy's let's help me how I can root my Samsung Galaxy A03s and how i can find the image of twrp in my phone.


May 27, 2020
Samsung Galaxy A02s
Download Platform ADB & Fastboot.

Download The Latest Odin tool.

Download 7-Zip

Download "Bifrost" on your phone.

Download The Stock ROM of your SM-A037F using the Bifrost (make sure to know your device's Model & Region-Specific CSC).

Backup User Data (as your Phone will have to be reset... Multiple times)

... Now...
Step1: Decrypt the Stock ROM you downloaded with Bifrost in the Decrypt section of Bifrost.

Step2 : Move the firmware to your PC, keep two copies.
(p.s.: leave only the "AP" file on your phone.)

One copy will be the stock firmware backup incase of any mishaps.

The second copy of the firmware; Change the file extensions of all the extracted files to ".tar" with 7-Zip.

Step3 : On your phone, Using The latest Magisk APK, patch the entire "AP" file (should be about 5GB give it some time to work.). It will now be renamed by Magisk to something else.

Step4 : Move the patched "AP" to your PC. Then lauch Odin and input all the files in the following order;

BL. - Stock BL.
AP. - MAGISK-Patched AP.
CP. - Stock CP.

Go to "Option" tab and Untick "Auto Reboot".

Step5 : Go to "Developer Settings" on your phone and enable OEM Unlocking.

Step6 : Plug-In your phone to your PC

Step7 : Power off;
Long-press: Volume Up + Volume Down Simultaneously.

Step8 : Wait till you see a prompt to disable Device Bootloader by Holding Volume Up; Proceed with holding on Volume Up to unlock the device Bootloader.

Step9 : It will Rest your device's, so quickly Setup your phone, turn on your data connection or WiFi.
Head to the "Developer Settings" to confirm the status of your bootloader.

Repeat Step6 & Step7.

Step10 : Tap once on Volume Up to enter Download Mode and Click Start On the Odin tool on your PC to flash the Rooted Firmware on your Galaxy A037F.

Step11 : Wait for it to finish its Download and then hold Volume down and power button.

Step12 : After Booting up, Power Off and Long Press Volume Up and Power Button to enter Recovery Mode.

Step13 : Perform a Factory Reset. And Reboot

Step14 : Install Latest Magisk APK and
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New member
Aug 9, 2022
I need help too
on a Galaxy a03s sm-a037u the system is as follows.
Android 11 / R / API 30
Baseband Version: A037USQS2AVD3
Linux Kernel Version: 4.19.127-23960189
Http User Agent: Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 11; SM-A037U Build/RP1A.200720.012) hardware model MT6765V/CB
Needing to unlock bootloader, Enabled developer options and no oem unlock toggle,ran adb commands got,
( ro.oem_unlock_supported "1")
( sys.oem_unlock_ allowed "0")
( ro.boot.flash.locked "1")
( ro.boot.vbmeta.device_state "locked")
( ro.boot.verifiedbootstate "green")
( ro.boot.verifymode "enforcing")
Tried running Flashboot command
Flashboot unlock oem,returned error code remote unknown command. Dies anyone know who to unlock bootloader and root this device?