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Apr 7, 2021
Will flashing the XAS firmware get Android 10 on my Boost A10e, or unlock the carrier at least. If so can I have a link to a guide and the software?
Most likely not, from what i can gather from DDR2Stick's experience with the CSC ****ting itself on a new SIM being entered on the system, it will just reset to the default factory Boost mobile firmware if you insert your SIM (if you have a SIM)
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Feb 10, 2015
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I got metro version but flashed XAA firmware. Recently got OTA for Oneui 3.1 Android 11 update. Still no oem unlock and locked bootloader. Says it's Treble supported now when checking with app. Maybe A11 will have a vulnerability to root?

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Apr 7, 2021
Hey, its been a while since i checked on this post, since there is no root available, i wonder if i could flash an unbranded/unlocked firmware and if i could downgrade back to the stock Metro (TMK) firmware it came with.

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    It's not off exactly. Kinda reminds me of system crash on eng fac roms. I've seen articles about older devices and it meaning no battery or no charging like you say. Guess I got over excited for nothing lol. Though it might be a hackable situation etc or different mode of some kind.

    Yea.. and fyi, a common misconception is "eng fac" roms are two completely different things lol.. it's a pet peeve of mine which I owe to all the firmware sites and generic "guides" on the web lol.

    They always refer to factory/combo roms as "eng" when they are not eng at all.. fac roms are debuggable (ro.debuggable=1) and permissive and adb enabled by default and dmv disabled with a bare bone os mainly used for testing or fixing issues with the device.

    Eng on the other hand is typically a stockish build with su binary by default (allows actual adb root shell) is permissive, verity disabled, contains other high level engineering software etc etc that is supposed to be used by engineers to test their software and things of that nature. My sampwnd root for s8/s8+ for example used eng system.img to gain root. Older devices did have eng boot.img many used to root devices but since s8 and newer they are no longer used because samsung implemented security measures to where u cant flash or run them without an eng token and device being in actual eng mode. Eng tokens are hard to find as they are device specific and need to be generated on samsung servers at which if u can find someone willing to make one they are usually expensive since they need to have a legit business, purchase a signing cert from samsung to be able to generate eng tokens as well as they typically need to also pay for each individual token which just the signing cert alone I've heard various prices from thousands to 100k lol. Then after all that if you have an eng token and device is in eng mode then it's not the same as a bl unlock as you would need to flash eng firmware which is another adventure to locate and probably another pretty penny.

    Rant on eng/fac differences is over lmao.

    On a side note, I'm working on something that "might" work... according to my dev buddies it will work.. it's a process tho as I need to generate some custom files and I never did this before (I mainly use usa locked snaps) .. but if all goes as planned with some trickery could probably unlock the bl and at the very least root the device.. stay tuned lol

    I recently purchased a Verizon-build Samsung Galaxy A10e (the "economy Flagship" / little-brother of the A10) but XDA has very little information on this phone. Would this be the best place to try to find/request information? :confused:

    Thanks for your help!
    I think you're probably right. These lines seem to show where it does in fact have to connect to an online database, and Samsung/the carrier have that locked down:

    I will explore smali more/educate myself a little bit better.

    This is the tool I used to decompile the apk. It seems to support recompiling the apk without making it look tampered with.

    I was also reading this link and this link, which seem to describe methods for OEM bootloader unlock/rooting without OEM unlock on totally different devices from ours but perhaps there's something useful there...?

    you cant decompile and recompile a system app and install it.. soon as its decompiked or edited in any way it breaks the signature.. same as firmware.. system apps r also signed
    I think you're probably right. These lines seem to show where it does in fact have to connect to an online database, and Samsung/the carrier have that locked down:

    The stock apps are odexed, so the apk file basically only contains res files and manifest. In the app folder, along with the apk are 2 other files with odex and vdex extensions. These are the files that contain the Java stuff, and the paths to connect with framework files.
    With deodexed apks, all of it is contained in the apk. So modifying the apk of an odexed app is unlikely to affect much functionality, since the Java files are untouched. That's why I was thinking you would have to deodex it, since there's no way I know of to push a modified odex file to the system folder without root, but it may be possible to install an apk as an update to a system app, (it works for Settings app specifically on some Xperia phones I've molded).

    The second method you linked looks interesting - I might try that next time I'm at the computer, if someone else doesn't get to it first... @ShaDisNX255 - what do you think?

    you guys are going backwards instead of forward.. the pixel method only worked on those specific devices and is old and has been patched for years now.

    usually if u can set sys.oem_unlock_allowed=1 in adb it doesnt actually do anything and after a reboot it is back to 0.. also it does even register as being toggled when u go into dl mode to try and unlock.. ur better off trying to get onto combo firmware and rooting/moving from there as well as togglimg oem unlock in settings will stick (of courss on other devices this still doesntvallow bl to be unlocked but not sure bout a exynos based device)

    on snap s10 and n10 i found a way to get oem to show in settings and could even hold vol up in dl mode to oem unlock but bl still remained locked so getting toggle to appear in settings doesnt usually mean u can then unlock the bl
    Is OTP similar or related to the factory token? Like a password?
    nope.. otp more of a one time password.. the token is something that uses device specific identifiers that then gets sent to a server where it gets signed and sent back.. then it needs to b physically flashed to the device

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