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Jan 31, 2012
amazing thank you

i always thought [email protected] is a must, somehow this phone cant handle it......kinda surprised lol

id like to add that the camera pro mode is already there by default now, updated to latest firmware.


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      Hello, XDA Community!
      Welcome to my thread, where I'm testing out quite a few things for the Galaxy A71. My end goal is to make a ROM or IMG that can be flashed that contains all these MODs I'm testing, but right now I'm finding it a bit difficult to actually build a working IMG to flash.
      So, I guess I can use this thread as a log of things I'm testing out and for anyone who wants to try them out too, you are very welcome to use them. So, here are a few things that I've tested:

      Your warranty is now void. 
      * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, 
      * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
      * do some research if you have any concerns about any of the modifications
      * in this thread! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if 
      * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you. HARD!

      Floating_Feature edits!
      These are features you can add in floating_features, which is located in system(root)/vendor/etc

      Add full edge lighting features:
      Search for the following line in floating_features:
      And remove the '-basic_lighting' line. It should look something like this

      Activate Dolby Atmos without earphones:
      This is taken from the tutorial here: but simplified for the A71
      Add the following line in floating_features:

      Search for the following line:

      It should say something like the following:

      Replace it with (these were taken from S9+):

      Save, reboot and you should now be able to activate Dolby Atmos without earphones :)

      Show music information (now playing) in AOD:
      Search for the following line in floating_features:

      Delete "musicoff" from that line

      Save and reboot. You will now see the song information in AOD when it's playing

      Add AOD to lockscreen clock animation:
      Note: This only works on OneUI 2.5, does not work on OneUI 2.1 and below for A71.
      Search for the following line in floating_features:
      Add clocktransition in this line, like this:
      Save and reboot. Done, there will be an added animation from AOD to lockscreen clock.

      Camera-feature edits!
      These are features you can add in camera-features, which is located in system(root)/system/cameradata

      Add Pro Video:
      Tested in OneUI 2.1. Add the following line under the SHOOTING_MODE lines:
      <local name="SHOOTING_MODE_PRO_VIDEO" back="PRO_VIDEO" enable="true" more="true" [COLOR="Yellow"]order="10"[/COLOR]/>
      Make sure your order=## doesn't affect the other existing lines. If your last mode said order="9", change pro_video to "10". If the last one said "11", change pro_video to "12" and so on and so forth
      Reboot and you should have pro video on your shooting options

      Add 60fps video recorder (1080p):
      Tested in OneUI 2.1. Search for the following line:
      Under it, add the following line:
      <local name="BACK_CAMCORDER_RESOLUTION_FEATURE_MAP_1920X1080_60FPS" value="true" hdr="true" hdr10="false" preview-size="1920x1080" snapshot-support="true" snapshot-size="4624x2604" vdis="false" effect="false" object-tracking="false" seamless-zoom-support="false" external-storage-support="true"/>
      Reboot, go to video settings and you should now see the option to set resolution to FHD (60fps)
      Note: For 60fps to work, you have to disable video stabilization. If it is activated, your video will not record (it will just record a bunch of nonsense, like black and white screens).
      Edit: Updated line, it now disables video stabilization by default to avoid issues.

      Enable second editing in Singe Take:
      Tested only in OneUI 2.5. Search the following line:
      <local name="SINGLE_TAKE_USING_SINGLE_LENS_ONLY" value="true" />
      Under it, add the following line:
      <local name="SUPPORT_SINGLE_TAKE_EXTENDED_CAPTURE" value="true" />
      Save, reboot and you should now be able to switch how many seconds you want single take to last. From 5 seconds all the way up to 15 seconds

      If you guys have any edits I should add, let me know. Feel free to give suggestions or edits you've done yourself, even in build.prop ;)

      Could you please add the rest of the modifications of the ( NcX 2.5 A71 ROM) here, I want them without flashing the rom :) like selfie 60 fps.
      You should try this magisk module:

      I think it adds everything I've added and more on stock ROM without the need to flashing my ROM.
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