Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 General Sticky Roll-Up Thread ***Stickies found here!***

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Sep 25, 2009
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Please Note:
Besides the currently stickied threads there will be absolutely no permanent stickies created in the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini General forum.
This thread will list and link to all threads worthy of being "stickied".
If you wish a thread to be listed here, please report it via the report system and a moderator will assess whether it needs to be stickied.

[GUIDE] [Root] [CWM] Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
[GUIDE] Accessing hidden settings menu

Reference/Index/Tool/Firmware/Discussion Threads:
Ace 3 Development™
Unroot Zip for Galaxy Ace 3
Galaxy Ace 3 s7270-s7272 Forum

For any other thread that deserve to be here, don't hesitate to PM one of the FSM.
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