Samsung Galaxy fit S5670 stuck after flashing


New member
Apr 22, 2014
I have an old Samsung 5670 and decided to flash cyanogen 11. I successfully installed clockwork and then i flashed cm-11-20140116-NIGHTLY-beni, wipe data, wiped cache and dalvik and everything worked just fine. And then, dissaster came: i tried to install gapps and since then (i got a message that flashing was successful) and since then, everytime i turn on my phone i can only enter into the os but the only thing i see is battery status and time on the upper right corner and the rest of the screen is black. I can swipe from the top (i can see the date and time and a "emergency calls only" message).

I tried wipe data/factory reset from recovery, wiped cache and dalvik, i even re-flashed cm 11 and i am still having the same issue. I tried to flash a different rom (miui 2.4.20) but im getting an "installation aborted" message. Even tried to flash the stock rom with odin but though i have installed the usb drivers odin can not "see" my device.

And yes, i was stupid enough not to take a nandroid backup :(

So now what? Is there a way to fix this?
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