Samsung galaxy Note 3 N900 Exynos need it's own forum

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Jan 23, 2010
St John's
Am happy see more of us the Exynos users are getting on board with this idea because there is too much confusion with all the other different versions of the note 3. Maybe then we will get proper representation, more development and modifications.

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Apr 23, 2011
it's essential

from what it seems the Samsung Galaxy S 5 would probably use Exynos 6 series,which would be 64 bit processor and since Samsung will move to it's own home-brewed Exynos for it's flagship,we will see much more Exynos in high-end smartphones from samsung and maybe some other OEMs what i'm saying is, in last few years samsung didn't get along with developers by not releasing the whole documentation of Exynos processors, and developers had too many problems to work with this processor and it led to too few kernels and custom roms BUT with the migration to Exynos and the new smartphones base on Exynos Samsung will cooperate with developers because big portion of high-end smartphone users like to flash a custom roms on their devices and samsung doesn't want to lose them,and if Samsung doesn't cooprerate the pressure will rise so high that they have to cave, like the bootloader lock that HTC put on their phones and after few months they released the there will be a complete documentation,there will be a lot of developer who will work on note 3 Exynos version and if things go smoothly as i just said there will be cyanogenmod for note3 exynos too and it's a lot of development and it needs it own section.;)
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    I will get someone to look into this for you all, Im closing the thread as we have enough +1 posts. I can see that everyone is in agreement and this has been bought to our attention now.

    Thank you
    We need our own forum so we don't have search for mods and information / news about our phone and the development of the Exynos chipset. So my fellow exynos owners let's push for this

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    i agree +11111111111111111111
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