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Nov 19, 2018
OnePlus 7T
Hi I am unexpirience.and need help with

LEVEL 1 OPTIMISATIONS POST...I understandHi, I. Am unxpierence and need help with LEVEL 1 OPTIMISATIONS POST. It says...Edit parameters/values to your liking, save the file, rename .txt file to .bat ....It means enabled...and save preset...and change txt to bat...Am I ok? And what then?....thanks a lot for response...I know for you it is trivial but I need help...​



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Jul 14, 2013
Does anyone knows, What APK causes when someone is calling and when I answer, It will automatically end the call.

Edit: I am using the stock Samsung phone call app and set as default already, Preset below


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Jan 4, 2011
is there a fix for laggy Gesture Navigation bar.

I am an iPhone user who has just switched to S23 Ultra, there is a lot to like about the phone but not really a fan of the Navigation button so I changed to Gesture with just one line in the middle of bottom of the screen.

On most occasions when I try to switch the app, I keep clicking whats on the screen instead of performing an app switch like iPhone.

Does anyone have any suggestions?




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Jul 28, 2012
Does anyone knows, What APK causes when someone is calling and when I answer, It will automatically end the call.

Edit: I am using the stock Samsung phone call app and set as default already, Preset below
i faced this issue when i turned on WiFi calling when its not activated by my service provider , switching it off did the trick


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Jan 11, 2010
What adb commands help save battery? I know there used to be some in first post but can't see any more
Using ADB Commands to save battery is a rabbit hole that is never ending.

You can stick with the built-in Doze Mode and App Standby features. These do a good job of balancing battery life, performance, and stability.

Also, Android's Battery Saver feature, which is similar to the Low Power Mode on the iPhone, offers a great way to stretch out battery life when needs must.

Leave the Android battery management to Android.

To help you get more smartphone runtime, Google also offers advice on how to make a smartphone's battery last for as long as possible:

-- Turn on Battery Saver mode
-- Don't do things that keep the screen on for extended periods
-- Avoid constant Wi-Fi/cellular/GPS/hotspot/Bluetooth connections
-- Avoid processor-intensive applications (games and camera apps)

If you are feeling adventurous, you can visit this post.


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Jul 6, 2022
Hi guys. I accidentally managed to update the software even tho i did not restore the uninstalled packages and without breaking the settings app. Tho Im not very sure which package/s installed is responsible for that, i can share my preset if anyone need it


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Aug 20, 2012
Does anyone knows, What APK causes when someone is calling and when I answer, It will automatically end the call.

Edit: I am using the stock Samsung phone call app and set as default already, Preset below
I have this same stupid issue when wifi calling is on. It's happening for both my SIMs (physical SIM and eSIM) on the same provider. It's happening on my S23+ now and it was also happening on my S8+ before. It happens on my Dad's Fold 3 too. Is this a Samsung thing or what?


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Aug 20, 2012
If the recommendation is to "never use smart switch" when setting up a new phone, what then should I use to transfer pictures/videos from my old phone to my new phone?

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    guys what does (Peripheral Framework) do? Can't find anything on internet
    see above
    guys what does (Peripheral Framework) do? Can't find anything on internet is a Samsung Knox SDK component that provides a framework for managing peripherals connected to said devices. It allows developers to write apps that can interact with a variety of peripherals, regardless of the vendor's proprietary SDK.

    The peripheral framework works by using a vendor plugin to interface with the peripheral. The vendor plugin is an Android app that provides an Android service that the peripheral framework can use to send and receive commands. The peripheral framework also provides a set of generic APIs that developers can use to manage peripherals, such as connecting to a peripheral, getting information about a peripheral, and sending commands to a peripheral.

    To use the peripheral framework, developers need to:
    -- Install the peripheral plugin on the device.-
    -- Write an app that uses the peripheral framework APIs to manage the peripheral.
    -- Deploy the app to the device.
    The peripheral framework is available on devices running Knox version 3.7.1 or higher.
    Here are some examples of how the peripheral framework can be used:

    -- An app can use the peripheral framework to connect to a barcode scanner and scan barcodes.
    -- An app can use the peripheral framework to connect to a fingerprint reader and authenticate users.
    -- An app can use the peripheral framework to connect to a GPS receiver and get location information.

    The peripheral framework is a powerful tool that allows developers to write apps that can interact with a variety of peripherals on your device.
    Here are some of the benefits of using the peripheral framework:

    -- It simplifies app development and updates, as developers don't need to use a whole new set of APIs every time they support a new vendor's peripheral.

    -- It provides a consistent way to manage peripherals, regardless of the vendor.

    -- It makes it easier to develop cross-platform apps that can work with peripherals on different Samsung Galaxy devices.

    If you are developing an app that needs to interact with peripherals on Samsung Galaxy devices, I recommend using the peripheral framework. It is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that can help you write better apps.
    I'm not a developer, so I can uninstall it right?

    It is not recommended to uninstall the It is a system app that is essential for managing peripherals connected to your Samsung Galaxy device. Uninstalling it could cause problems with your device's functionality.
    If you are concerned about the size of the app or the impact it may be having on your battery life, you can try disabling it instead. Settings > Apps > See all apps > > Disable.
    Disabling the app will prevent it from running in the background, but it will still be available if you need to use it to manage a peripheral.
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    I'll share my current preset (S23) this evening
    Hi Hamid. Any new preset?

    I'm added new apps about increase battery life

    - Shinzuku (Non-Root system level access)

    - App Ops (disabled system apps with this app can deny location&bluetooth premissions) I can remove all permissions from system apps. Camera, samsung cloud, etc. have this permissions all the time draining battery background because of permissions. App Ops will increase battery life.

    - Brevent (If apps are launched then quit (tapping Back or so), Brevent will app-standby them; if apps timed out in standby, or swiped from recents screen, Brevent will force-stop them. Whenever apps are running without activity, Brevent will force-stop them.) Better than greenify. This can kill per app sync network traffic.

    I dont have yet any SOT screenshot. I formatted my s10+ still learning. But wont draining so quickly.
    Here are my stable preset and my test preset
    I'm using S23 911B OneUI 6.
    It says NEVER USE SMART SWITCH, can someone explain why.
    -- Does not backup all app data.
    -- Can be slow to backup and restore large amounts of data.
    Samsung Smart Switch to backup will always depend on your individual needs and preferences.
    Then how do I transfer my app's info or just back up my phone? With PC?
    To back up apps and data you might want to consider utilizing ADB.

    -- To back up all of your apps and data, run the following command:
    adb backup -all -f backup.ab

    This will create a backup file called backup.ab in the current directory.

    To restore your apps and data from a backup, run the following command:
    adb restore backup.ab
    This will restore all of your apps and data from the backup file.

    You might want to consider unlocking your device and confirming the restore operation before it can begin.
    If run into issues where the adb backup -all -f backup.ab command doesn't work, try running the adb backup command in verbose mode. To do this, add the -v flag to the command:
    adb backup -all -f backup.ab -v

    You can also try running the adb backup command in recovery mode. To do this, restart your device into recovery mode and then run the command.

    Sometimes adb backup might create corrupt backups such as unexpected interruptions or hardware issues. Check your backup or do frequent backups and cross your fingers and your toes.

    With adb backup you get a backup of most of your data, like photos, etc. It might prove to be a bit difficult to unpack it.

    adb backup is not enough to do a complete backup of said device.

    adb backup will not be enough to backup any SD Card.

    The following line of code is a bash shell script that checks if all of the .adb files in the current directory are valid and complete:
    set -o pipefail
    for a in *.adb;
      echo "$a";
      dd if="$a" bs=24 skip=1 | zlib-flate -uncompress | tar tf - >/dev/null;
      echo "ret=$?";
    This script can be used to check the validity and completeness of .adb files before using them to restore a device or to extract data from a device.

    The set -o pipefail command tells the shell to exit with a non-zero status if any of the commands in the pipeline fail. This is useful for ensuring that the entire script fails if any of the .adb files are invalid or incomplete.

    The for loop iterates over all of the .adb files in the current directory. For each file, the following steps are performed:
    1. The file name is printed to the console.
    2. The dd command is used to read the first 24 bytes of the file and skip the first byte. This is necessary because the first byte of an .adb file is a checksum.
    3. The zlib-flate command is used to decompress the data read by the dd command.
    4. The tar command is used to list the contents of the decompressed data. If the data is valid and complete, the tar command will exit with a status of 0.
    5. The status of the tar command is printed to the console.
    If the tar command fails for any reason, the script will exit with a non-zero status. This can be used to notify the user that one or more of the .adb files are invalid or incomplete.
    The rabbit hole begins with Open Android Backup which is a free and open-source utility that allows you to back up and restore your Android device without using any proprietary software.
    The apm_enhancement_enabled setting controls whether or not the Adaptive Power Management (APM) enhancements are enabled. APM enhancements are a set of features that help to improve the battery life of the device.

    When APM enhancements are enabled, the following features are enabled:
    -- Adaptive battery: This feature learns your app usage patterns and optimizes battery usage accordingly.
    -- App deep sleep: This feature puts apps that you don't use often into a deep sleep state, which saves battery life.
    -- Optimized screen brightness: This feature automatically adjusts the screen brightness to save battery life.

    If you are concerned about battery life, I recommend leaving APM enhancements enabled. However, if you find that APM enhancements are causing performance problems, you can disable them by setting apm_enhancement_enabled to 0.


    The charger_connected_time setting stores the total amount of time that the device has been connected to a charger. This setting is used by various features on your device, such as the battery optimization feature.

    If you are concerned about battery life, you can check the charger_connected_time setting to see how much time your device has been connected to a charger. If you find that your device is spending too much time connected to a charger, you can try to reduce the amount of time that you spend charging your device.

    You did not inquire about satellite_mode_enabled, but here it is:

    The satellite_mode_enabled setting controls whether or not the satellite mode is enabled on the device. Satellite mode is a feature that allows you to use your device to connect to satellite networks.

    Satellite mode is useful if you are in an area where there is no cellular service. However, it is important to note that satellite mode can be expensive to use.

    If you are not sure whether or not you need to enable satellite mode, I recommend leaving it disabled. You can always enable satellite mode later if you need to.
    guys does anyone know what SoHService does? It consumes both ram and battery. I've once uninstalled it, but weirdly the phone became hotter and, as a result, consumed more battery. But i don't know if it had been a temporary issue as I've immediately reinstalled it.
    It is a system service that monitors the health of your Samsung device's battery. It collects data such as battery temperature, voltage, and current, and uses this data to estimate the battery's remaining life and health. SoHService also provides notifications and recommendations to help you keep your battery healthy and extend its lifespan.

    It stands for Samsung State of Health Service.

    If you want to extend the lifespan of your battery, it is important to leave SoHService enabled.

    -- Monitors battery temperature, voltage, and current
    -- Estimates battery remaining life and health
    -- Provides notifications and recommendations to help you keep your battery healthy
    -- Optimizes battery performance
    -- Extends battery lifespan

    If you feel adventurous, it cannot be uninstalled, but it can be disabled in the Developer options menu.
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    To Start With

    - Factory Reset before starting optimisations
    - Factory Reset after every Major update (One UI/Android)
    - Remove SIM before first boot
    - Follow setup OFFLINE (DON'T restore anything during setup)
    - NEVER use Smart Switch
    - Reboot, insert SIM then continue setup online.

    System Settings

    - Auto-Rotate: DISABLED
    - Notification Bubbles: DISABLED
    - Notification History: DISABLED
    - Synchronization: DISABLED (turn it off again when not in use).
    - Location: DISABLED (turn it off again when not in use).
    - Display Resolution: FHD/1080p
    - Colour Palette: DISABLED
    - Advanced features: ALL DISABLED
    - Motions and Gestures: ALL DISABLED
    - Auto download System Update over Wi-Fi: DISABLED
    - Bluetooth Scanning (Location services): DISABLED
    - Usage & Diagnostics: DISABLED
    - Advertising ID: RESET & DELETE
    - System Sound/Vibration feedback: OFF
    - Network Mode: 2G/3G/4G
    - Always On Display (AoD): DISABLED
    - Dark Mode: ENABLED

    - Trust Agent: DISABLED
    - Suggestions/Recommendations: ALL DISABLED.

    Battery Settings

    - Sleeping Apps: All apps except apps you need instant notifications from.
    - Put unused apps to sleep: ENABLED
    - Auto optimisation: DISABLED
    - Adaptive Battery: DISABLED

    Google Settings

    - Nearby connections: DISABLED
    - Devices: DISABLED
    - Nearby Share: DISABLED (turn it off again when not in use).
    - Nearby Share Notification: DISABLED

    Accessibility Settings

    - Reduce transparency & Blur: ENABLED

    Developer Options:

    - Background Check: DISABLED
    - Suspend execution of Cached apps: ENABLED
    - Animation scale (3 entries) : x0.5
    - Wi-Fi Scan Throttling: Enabled
    - Logger Buffer Sizes: OFF
    - Predictive Back Animations: ON

    Camera Settings

    - Turn off location tags and location permission for the camera app.
    - Move all camera modes to the "More" section.
    - Face Beautification: DISABLED
    - Video Stabilization: DISABLED
    - Video Resolution: 4K30
    - Scene optimiser ON
    - Auto night mode OFF
    - Auto FPS ON
    - Grid ON

    Camera Assistant Settings (DOWNLOAD HERE)

    - Auto HDR: ENABLED
    - Picture Softening: OFF
    - Auto lens switching: DISABLED
    - Quick Tap Shutter: ENABLED
    - Capture speed: Prioritise Quality
    - Video recording in Photo Mode: DISABLED
    - Camera Timeout: 1 Minute
    - Dim Screen While Recording: 1 Minute

    Google Play Store Settings

    - Google Play Protect: DISABLED
    - AutoPlay: DISABLED
    - Auto Update Apps: DISABLED
    - App Installation Optimization: DISABLED

    Google Chrome Settings

    - Page Preloading: DISABLED
    Chrome Flags
    - Smooth Scrolling: ENABLED
    - Parallel Downloading: ENABLED

    Social Media Apps Settings

    - Theme: AMOLED/DARK
    - AutoPlay videos: DISABLED
    - Log out of all Old sessions.
    - Delete old logged in devices.

    Spotify Settings

    - Canvas: DISABLED
    - Gapless: ENABLED
    - Normalize volume: DISABLED
    - Device broadcast status: DISABLED
    - Spotify connect in the background: DISABLED


    Diagnose Your Problem

    - Go to Device care, battery, check your battery usage. If nothing shows, it's a battery leak.

    Fix Battery Leak (IMPORTANT)

    Go to Permission Manager, enable "Show system apps"
    - Check for any excess permissions like Location, camera or nearby devices.
    - Special Access Permissions under settings, apps like Turn Screen On.

    Calibrate Your Battery

    - Use your phone normally till it dies off automatically.
    - Plug it into the charger and leave it charging for 2h while it's still off.
    - Turn it on, calibrate the battery then unplug your phone and use it normally until it dies again.
    - Plug it into the charger and leave it charging for 2h while it's still off.
    - Turn it on, calibrate the battery again and unplug it, enjoy

    Fix Google Apps Battery drain

    Go to Settings, Apps. Enable "Show system apps" then look for each of:
    - Google Play Store
    - Google Services Framework
    - Google Play Services
    - Android System WebView"
    Uninstall Updates, Clear data & Cache, Force Stop, Reboot, update and follow setup.

    Fix Camera Experience

    - Wipe Data & Cache, reboot to Safe mode, do it again, then reboot normally.

    Fix OLED Burn-in/Ghosting

    - Download LCD Burn-in Wiper
    - Disable Auto-brightness & set Brightness to 100%
    - Leave on for at least 1 hour

    Fix Speaker crackling

    - Download Speaker cleaner
    - Set your volume to max
    - Put your phone face down & launch

    Remove Ads System-Wide

    Go to settings, connections, more connections settings, look for Private DNS.
    - or
    - Close all apps then reboot.

    Apps Alternatives

    - Apps list


    Fix General Performance

    - Boot into recovery
    - Clear cache partition

    - Repair apps.

    Fix One UI Lag


    Fix UI Frame Drop/Stutter

    Settings, Apps, check "Show System Apps", and search:
    - Gesture Set battery to "UNRESTRICTED".
    - Always-on Display Clear App Data & Cache (Will clear lock-screen customisations).

    Fix Refresh Rate Lag

    Settings, Display, Motion Smoothness.
    - Set it to Standard, reboot, Set it back to Adaptive

    Fix Delayed Apps Notifications

    - Add ALL APPS to the Sleeping apps list
    - Add ALL APPS to the Deep sleeping apps
    - Add ALL APPS to the Never sleep apps
    - Remove all the apps from all the lists.

    Fix Fingerprint Experience

    - Fingerprint always on: ENABLED
    - Show animation when unlocking: DISABLED
    - Show unlock transition effect: DISABLED
    - Set battery usage to "Unrestricted" for "".

    Magic Fix (Mysteriously fixes a lot of stuff)

    - Settings, Apps, RESET APP PREFERENCES

    Unlock More Gallery Features

    - Go to Gallery App, Settings, About.
    - Tap version number multiple times
    - You'll find more options under "Labs"

    Unlock More Wifi Features

    - Go to Settings App, 3 dots, Intelligent Wifi.
    - Tap version number multiple times
    - You'll find more options under "Labs"


    ADB AppControl ZIP FILE
    Samsung Galaxy S23 - OneUI 6 Beta Thread


    Edit parameters/values to your liking, save the file, rename .txt file to .bat and launch from ADB Folder to apply all.
    - ADB: Applies all ADB optimisations (Edit before launching if you don't want your phone's name to be H-banGG 😂)
    - Clear Cache: Cleans all residual files for All Apps.
    - Boost Battery: Applies Dexopt Job - Remediation Process - Works only at 100% charge.

    *Please like this post so that it's easier to retrieve for everyone*
    Feel free to checkout : LEVEL 2 OPTIMISATIONS POST (#6,477)
    I have (had) so much going on lately , its been a busy day that i almost forgot to share my settings , i'm so sorry. so yeah i hate to say this , but this post would look like a thread within a thread , just as i said earlier it is quiet a lot , i use almost all the "Recommended Settings" stated in the OP so these are just some "adjustment" & a little bit of addition that i choose based on my personal preferences .
    so here it is :
    S21+ > One UI 4.1
    5% battery/hour of Screen On Time
    - APPS -
    247 apps Uninstalled
    196 apps Installed (system & 3rd party)
    56 out of 196 apps are Disabled (system & 3rd party)
    Stable & No Bugs (so far) | No Heat
    Missing features that i notice are : Bixby , NFC , Quick Share & Galaxy Wearables
    ( the apps list in the preset are including 3rd party apps , if you see some unknown package name please skip it )

    Some adjustment are in regards to these matters :
    Battery life , UI smoothness & My personal preferences (feel free to adjust it to your own preferences)
    - Wallpaper : in the attachment > my phone screen looks almost completely black it helps to reduce battery consumption
    - Color Pallete : only 2 colors black & grey > it is all because of my wallpaper
    - I keep my home screen as clean as possible , no widget , only 2 apps Phone & Settings
    - Find my device : Off
    - Face recognition : Off
    - Fingerprint : Off
    - Settings > Data usage > Data saver On
    - I left Auto restart at set times disabled i restart my device manually only when it is necessary
    - I use Samsung Internet Browser instead of Chrome , it has better dark mode , UI , privacy , customization & consume less power
    - Advance Features/Gestures : Double tap to wakeup , Double tap to sleep , Swipe screen for screenshot
    - I keep System UI & One UI home battery setting unrestricted
    but changed the Android System & Samsung Keyboard battery setting to optimized
    this was in the OP before.
    - All 'Gestural Navigation Bar' apps battery setting are set to restricted , i use buttons for navigation bar
    - SmartFPSAdjuster app battery setting set to unrestricted
    - Camera app battery setting set to restricted
    - I dont use any 'assistant' apps
    - If you have the option to change your screen resolution you might want to change it to FHD+ to save even more battery life
    FHD+ & WQHD will look exactly the same to the untrained eye
    - I have only 2 social media apps installed , Whatsapp & IG
    Whatsapp is the only one that i need an instant push notifications on , so i Disabled Instagram using Package Disabler Pro when its not in use
    - Auto rotate : Off > Only turn it on when necessary
    Or you can do it manually by turning on the Rotate button on navigation bar options.
    - Notifications :
    Advanced settings
    Notification History : Off
    Notification reminders : Disabled
    App icon badges : Disabled
    - Google Settings :
    Autofill with google : Disabled
    Phone number sharing : Disabled
    Sms Verification : Disabled
    Find My Device : Disabled
    - Safety & Emergency :
    Send SOS message : Disabled
    Emergency Location Services : Disabled
    Wireless emergency alerts : Disabled
    - Developer Options :
    Disable adb authorization timeout : Enabled
    Wi-fi scan throtling : Enabled
    Tethering Hardware Acceleration : Enabled
    - DumpSys :
    Go to phone > keypad > *#9900# > Delete dumpstate/logcat & Batterystats reset

    - To save even more battery *Optional - Use with caution*
    Developer Options > Quick Settings developer tiles
    Enable Sync , Sensors Off & Window animation scale
    these 3 settings will appear in quick settings panel & you can turn on&off these services from there
    turn off Sync will turn off auto Sync data , so you dont have to go to Settings > Accounts & Backup > Manage account to turn Sycn data off
    turn off Windows will completely disable the windows animation
    turn off Censors will disable your phone censors like gyroscope for example , so auto rotate wont work

    Hidden screen mode settings :
    Head to Settings > Display > Screen mode
    Select 'Natural' from the available options
    Adb Put System | screen_mode_setting 0
    change the value to any number you want to choose
    0 for "AMOLED cinema" 1 for "AMOLED photo" 2 for "Natural" 3 for "Basic" 4 for "Vivid"
    I personally use 0 , if you aim for a battery life go for 0 , 2 or 3 , Stay away from Vivid.
    To apply the changes go to Settings > Display > Screen Mode > Don't select anything just go back
    if you use 0 or 1 the name will be change to AMOLED cinema or AMOLED photo , if you use 3 the change will apply even though the name remain as 'Natural'
    but if you check it , neither Natural or Vivid are selected.
    Why AMOLED cinema : The best one , it is more bright , sharp & colorful than Basic & Natural but not as colorful as Vivid.

    - Optional , but i recommend it
    DNS Adguard is probably one of the best when it comes to blocking Ads on a system-wide , it's free and works without even installing any software to your phone , but it might causing more battery consumption , im not sure ,
    the theory is that you need to be connected to their server in order for the blocking to work , it keeps sending a request for any internet activites that occurs on the device that may cause more battery drain , logically a phone that doing nothing will have better battery life than the one that constantly connected to a server but again im not really sure about this ,
    so i decided to install Disconnect Pro For Privacy & Performance , the app is build exclusively for samsung devices , it blocks all trackers , ads & malware through Knox .
    just like Adguard , however , it runs NATIVELY meaning that it has 0 impact on the CPU power & Battery life , it is as good as AdAway which you can only use on a rooted device
    the app also shows you what apps are the source of privacy invasive tracking , Google Play Service is at the top of my list by tracking me more than1000+ times within a day , with this app you dont have to connect to Adguard server at all times , it's in the Galaxy Store for about 40$ , a little bit pricey but it's worth it
    for now i use Adguard DNS only to unblock some blocked internet content when i'm surfing the internet.

    - Adjustment in Adb Optimization settimgs -
    SetEdit is highly recommended when it comes to editing the settings from
    these 3 categories Global/Secure/System

    Put System | lockscreen_minimizing_notification 1
    Put System | lockscreen_show_shortcut 0
    Put System | lockscreen_sounds_enabled 0
    Put Global | boot_count 0 (the value will increase everytime you reboot your device , i personally change the value back to 0 every time it count to 10)
    Put Global | phenotype_boot_count 0 (same as the above)
    -this counter is only logged since your phone has been last factory reset , this data is stored in settings database ,
    wiping data through factory reset is the only way to delete this stored logged data , fortunately i have
    access to adb so i just keep revert the value back to 0 whenever i want , or you can even delete the whole string not only the value ,
    if you dont care about this minor boot data statistic stored in the database then i suggest you to leave it alone .
    but every time the value changed back to 0 the next booting process seems to be much faster ,
    it might be a placebo effect , i dont know , but ive been doing this for about 2 months & no negative effect so far.

    As for the Battery
    Put Global | animator_duration_scale 0.25
    put Global | transition_animation_scale 0.25
    put Global | window_animation_scale 0.25
    - 0.25 is lower than 0.5 , phone feels snappier , no unnecessary animation = less battery drain
    Put System | dim_screen 1
    Put System | screen_brightness 8 (for indoors only , for outdoors you can adjust as you like)
    Put Global | low_power_back_data_off 1
    Put Global | sem_power_mode_refresh_rate 0,0-1,0
    Put Global | sem_power_mode_refresh_rate_cover 0,0-1,0
    - I dont know about these 2 settings , it was there since i use SetEdit to check the Global table
    the value was 0,0-60,0 before , i changed it to 0,0-1,0 out of my stupid curiosity and i get a better battery life ,
    no negative effect so far , i dont know what could happen to your phone if you try this , but i can guarantee you that it won't make your 120hz screen device to run on 1 FPS , you could always change the value back to the default anyway.

    Now , this is where things gets really interesting to me .
    my true intention was to get a great battery life while keeping my device performance as good as possible because i play games too.
    and i want my notifications to be uninterrupted by this 'Adaptive Battery' feature because i have Whatsapp too.
    just by looking at the name it is crystal clear that Adaptive Battery may help to extend my battery life , but i have read in many many article that it actually not good for my phone.
    So i just kept turn this feature on & off for a couple of days , and yes my notifications seems a little bit strange , sometimes it comes too late , or even didnt appear at all on my status bar
    it turns out that the feature put my apps into a sleeping state , but i have no issue with my device performance or perhaps it was just unoticed .
    but again i have heard that with Adaptive Battery enabled , the battery will restrict the power that are given to the system so the phone runs worse
    with the feature enabled , but i decided to kept the Adaptive Battery to be enabled then i've come to realize that in Developer Options > Standby apps the 5 state buckets options is only applied if the Adaptive Battery enabled
    while when the Adaptitive Battery was set to disabled all apps was on the Active bucket in Standby apps settings & cannot be change it will remain on Active ( i put the detailed description of every state in the attached file )
    App standby buckets help the system prioritize apps request for resources based on how recently and how frequently the apps are used , Based on app usage patterns, each app is placed in one of five priority buckets
    the system limits the device resources available to each app based on which bucket the app is in.
    as soon as i know about this , i looked to which bucket my Youtube was in , and it was on Active
    based on the description of this Standby state feature , the system doesnt give any resources restriction to my Youtube , but Youtube was in my list of Deep Sleeping Apps in the Device Care battery setting and was closed for a couple of hours i force stopped it.
    at least it should be on the Frequent , Rare or Restricted bucket but it was not ! then my stupid newbie brain was like
    " Okay , these two settings/features are clearly have the same purposes , but they're aren't that related , then why don't i just use BOTH "
    So , for the sake of my battery life , i ENABLED the Adaptive Battery options , put my unused apps to Deep Sleep in the Device Care & put them on the Restricted bucket state in Developer Options.

    Tips : - if you want the app to connect to the internet simply put them on 'Working set' state
    - When you open an app it'll automatically move to the Active state , the system does not give any resource restriction to that app , so if you really care about your battery life just put it back to the Restricted state everytime you close that app , it'll automatically change the state but it takes time , so just do it manually , it took less than 10 seconds for me to do so .

    Yet , i still have something on my mind that bothering me all the time ,
    And yes it was about my notifications and device performance , even though i didn't notice any performance issue on a daily basis activities i still worried about how my device performs in a high processing tasks such as gaming or editing high quality videos
    i can't help it , i need to find the solutions at least my 'own' solutions.
    and this is what i did :

    - Notifications :
    Simply put the app to the Never Sleeping Apps would help , but enabling Adaptive Battery will activate the Standby apps bucket , and if the apps are in the Frequent , Rare & Restricted
    the system will give some restriction for the apps to connect to the internet (according to the description)
    therefore there is a chance that it will interrupt the notifications from the app , FORTUNATELY , you can just stop & prevent the apps from entering the Restricted apps Standby bucket by simply go to Settings > Apps > Choose which app > Set the battery to Unrestricted
    I did it to my Whatsapp , now it's working just fine i got the notifications on time (Please take a look in the attached file)

    - Performance :
    - Game Optimization Service & Game Booster , these two apps have many Permissions that may ruining my device & game experience
    for example : both apps have a SET_PROCESS_LIMIT permissions there is no point to have this two services , so i just stopped them from running by disabling them with Package Disabler Pro.
    I dont uninstall them i'm afraid that it would left my phone unstable.

    - I installed Thermal Guardian , part of Good Guardian app , the app lets you control your Thermal Threshold , i choose to have a higher thermal limit it can increased the limit for up to 2°c which is the maximum allowed by this app , +2°c is not a big deal but still boost the performance and helps to maintain it when the device gets a little bit warm .

    - Put Global | enhanced_processing 1
    - Put Global | restricted_device_performance 0,0
    - Put Global | sem_enhanced_cpu_responsiveness 1

    We all know what these 3 settings do to our device , FORTUNATELY enough
    enabling the Adaptive Battery doesn't change the value of these settings .

    Phone runs smooth , even better than when i first bough the phone , battery life is amazing , no performance issue , never heat up even when i do some multitasking stuff , the only time it gets a little bit warm is when playing Mobile Legends (moba game just like Dota , beautiful graphic , very popular here in Asia) and the warm is very acceptable.

    If i'm right , then my phone is running on the Peformance Mode all the times with no battery drain whatsoever while Adaptive Battery setting set to ENABLED so that i have access to the Standby apps feature in Developer Options & get even more settings to extend my battery life .

    If i'm wrong , then i don't know what sorcery is this .

    1 thing that i learned , every changes & adjusments take times to shows its results . For example : when i disable RAM plus & GOS for the first time , right after the phone was rebooted , it feels worse , much much worse , my UI was a little bit lagging/stuttering , the temperature feels hotter than before , the battery seems to be drain much faster , but what i did was just use my phone as usual , charge my phone as usual , give it some time to adapt to the new settings , as the time goes by it gets better , it keeps getting better & better & now all works great as i wanted.


    - TestPRESET: Experimental Debloat Preset (Load in ADB AppControl)
    - TEST ADB: Experimental ADB Commands List (Rename to ".bat" & Run from ADB Folder)

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    Feel free to checkout LEVEL 1 OPTIMISATIONS POST (#5966)


    I just switched to S22, i'm back. Expect news shortly
    Exynos S22 here, base model, as always. Also, i'm running Android 13 beta.