Samsung Galaxy Phone Rapid Charger Mod

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Oct 30, 2011
Oakland, CA
Bummer. Maybe got the board too hot while soldering?

I did this Mod on 1 amp model and no problem.

sent by the scare crow, tin man, and cowardly lion on the yellow brickfree cm10.1 road.
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Aug 31, 2007
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Bummer. Maybe got the board too hot while soldering?

I did this Mod on 1 amp model and no problem.

sent by the scare crow, tin man, and cowardly lion on the yellow brickfree cm10.1 road.

Yeah. I've had great results with taking iPad chargers and turning them into standard Android chargers.

BTW, sometimes just bridging with a solder blob can be difficult, and it can help a lot to take a small (1mm long or so) length of wire and use it to bridge the D+ and D- pins.

Charging Samsung tablets is harder - they want to see D+ and D- at the same voltage AND they want to see it floating at 1.2 or 1.8 volts (I forget which right now). To convert an iPad charger, you need to bridge D+ and D- AND remove one of the resistors going to the +5v rail (I forget which one.)


Jul 14, 2013
modify any usb cable for fast-charging

Searched every thread for fast-charging cable. Was ready to give up when I read about a two-pin fast charging cable. When I read this I took small knife and pried up the two interior data prongs, and excised them with a pair of needle-nose pliers. All three attempts gave me a working fast-charging cable. Try it for yourself. You ABSOLUTELY do not have to buy a specialized cable from anybody to achieve fast-charging ability. I was really frustrated by the lack of information on the subject. Try the procedure, look at the results, and enjoy!


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Jun 28, 2013
I was about to try this mod on my wall charger but when I tested with my multimeter first, one and three had continuity as did pins two and four... so if I bridge 2 and 3, wouldn't there be continuity across all 4 pins which would cause a short or something?


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Jan 20, 2011
I was about to try this mod on my wall charger but when I tested with my multimeter first, one and three had continuity as did pins two and four... so if I bridge 2 and 3, wouldn't there be continuity across all 4 pins which would cause a short or something?

Who knows? This is a basic guide for general information on basic wall chargers. Yours might be different. Post your address, I'll come over and take a look at it for you.

or you could maybe post a brand name and model, a link to a website with a picture of it, or take a picture of the board....


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Jul 31, 2012
I did this mod some months ago on a cheapo wall charger rated at 1amp output for use with my Samsung Note 1 phone. I am not good at soldering or tiny work so I just blobbed the two center pins together with solder. It worked just great! The phone shows charging A/C on the battery screen. I decided to do the same with another similar but not identical wall charger (also rated at 1amp output) today. But when I plug the phone on it still shows USB charging. I also have a little USB charger detector which show the same output amps being drawn as before the mod. I have just used the continuity tester on my ohm meter to make sure the two center pins on the connecter are shorted together. They seem to be. I tested this about 5 different times. So does this mean that this cheapo charger just doesn't come close to the rated output? Thanks

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Jan 5, 2014
Is there any reason a skilled solderer can't just short the external contacts 2&3 rather than disassembling the charger and working on the circuit board? Essentially, we want the circuit to see 0 ohms, so whether that's accomplished on the circuit board, on the external contacts, or in the USB cable shouldn't matter, right?


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Jan 21, 2016
why would it matter if you connect the pins on the computer end or the phone end, electrically they are the same.

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    This post will show you how to MOD an un-official Samsung USB wall charger into one that will enable full speed charging on Samsung Galaxy S phones.

    8 $ ebay cheap wall battery charger power output specs:

    350 mA battery charging speed - doesnt matter...
    800 mA USB port.. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT!! more the better. nice if the phone would use all of it... Need AC Mode... (thats what this post is for!)
    Samsung wall USB charger is only 750mA! AND it will set AC mode.

    The theory behind it is with samsung galaxy phones and "official chargers":
    if the middle 2 data pins on the usb, while getting 5v to the outer 2 pins it tells the phone that it is an *official samsung* charger and enables full speed charging.

    without the middle 2 pins connected (with or without data flow) will not charge at full speed. even if you supply 800mA it will only charge around 350mA

    well there have been posts of cable hacks to do this or adapters... ha! tape and tinfoil... or hack the cable apart! And you cant use the cable with the PC anymore!
    heres my mod... bend 2 pins.. DONE! solder if you know how for better connection!

    ***only use this charger for samsung phones, not all USB devices will like this, -may dammage some- as the samsung phone is PROGRAMMED to know what to do if the 2 data pins are shorted out***

    Phone confirms AC charging NOT USB NOW!!
    Now i can leave my Samsung Charger upstairs, and this one downstairs.


    You know how long it takes to charge an extended battery on USB mode? almost 5 hours! or at 350 mah in the battery charger? almost 7 hours!
    I was able to charge my extended battery (says 2500mah) from 8% to 100% in about 2 hours 45 min over USB cable (AC mode) with the screen off. In the official samsung charger it was a little over 3 hours. just in the battery cradle it takes around 5-6 hours. Very much improved!
    Good guide. I did the same modification to my Verizon car charging cable. I don't have Verizon, but I swapped an iPhone car charger with a verizon user who got rid of his Motorola Android.

    This mod works on any charger. The device will always display "Charging(AC)" and this enables full charging capability.

    I modded my cable by taking apart the microUSB connector and dropping a bit of solder between pins 2 and 3 on the back side of the connector. It works great.

    Do not do this on a cable which may be connected to a PC. If the PC is older and does not have overcurrent protection, it may fry the USB Power Supply.
    Do you mean to build a kernel that has different settings for the USB resistor input? What/where was the specific change you made?

    Voltage regulator and the charging current part: max8998-private.h, a file that contains charging values in mA:

    #define MAX8998_ICHG_90		0
    #define MAX8998_ICHG_380	1
    #define MAX8998_ICHG_475	2
    #define MAX8998_ICHG_550	3
    #define MAX8998_ICHG_570	4
    #define MAX8998_ICHG_600	5
    #define MAX8998_ICHG_700	6
    #define MAX8998_ICHG_800	7

    Battery driver part: s5pc110_battery.c and defined AC and USB charging rates (modified by me to 800mA when on AC and 550mA on USB):

                          if (chg->cable_status == CABLE_TYPE_AC)
    				max8998_write_reg(i2c, MAX8998_REG_CHGR1,
    					(MAX8998_TOPOFF_10	<< MAX8998_SHIFT_TOPOFF) |
    					(MAX8998_RSTR_DISABLE	<< MAX8998_SHIFT_RSTR) |
    					(MAX8998_ICHG_800	<< MAX8998_SHIFT_ICHG));
    			else if (chg->cable_status == CABLE_TYPE_USB)
    				max8998_write_reg(i2c, MAX8998_REG_CHGR1,
    					(MAX8998_TOPOFF_25	<< MAX8998_SHIFT_TOPOFF) |
    					(MAX8998_RSTR_DISABLE	<< MAX8998_SHIFT_RSTR) |
    					(MAX8998_ICHG_550	<< MAX8998_SHIFT_ICHG));

    One more thing in i9000 kernel sources: drivers/usb/gadget/android.c

    /* soonyong.cho : This value of max power is referred from S1 */
    	[COLOR="Red"].bMaxPower	= 0x30, /* 96ma */[/COLOR]
    #else /* original */
    	[COLOR="YellowGreen"].bMaxPower	= 0xFA, /* 500ma */[/COLOR]

    from where I removed the condition to make it look like that:
    [COLOR="YellowGreen"].bMaxPower	= 0xFA, /* 500ma */[/COLOR]



    Here is a picture of the pinouts in a usb cable..

    Now obviously you have the 5V, Ground, and data, but then where would you add in more power?
    Wow i'm so lost, so does this apply to the vibrant...

    You know maybe I have had my foot up my ass for sometime then..

    I ALWAYS charge my phone with the USB charger connected to the computer and it seems to take forever...

    You must forgive me but I always leave my phone charging on my PC everynight and have actually lost the AC power wall plug portion...

    Will connecting this through the USB of the computer also only supply the 350mA instead of the full 800mA like your saying, or will the computer always deliver the sexy amount?

    Thank you sir, you are a genius?

    if the 2 data pins arent joined the phone WILL NOT receive anymore than 350. this tells the phone "im an official charger, take more!"
    if you are going to mod a cable to have the 2 data pins joined, make sure the 2 pins shorted on the phone end and NOT THE PC END of the cable, and NOT BOTH EITHER. shorting the data pins on the computer side can blow your usb port.... or more.