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Sep 25, 2009
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Please Note:
Besides the currently stickied threads there will be absolutely no permanent stickies created in the Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070 General forum.
This thread will list and link to all threads worthy of being "stickied".
If you wish a thread to be listed here, please report it via the report system and a moderator will assess whether it needs to be stickied.

[ Solved ] How to Downgrade JB 4.1.2 to GB 2.3.6
[Complete Guide] What Is ClockworkMod And How To Use It
[Solved] Baseband and IMEI unknown / Baseband unchangeable
[GUIDE] hOw TO Deodex JB firmware (I9070)
[Complete Guide] What is Odex and Deodex ROM?
[GUIDE]Total Commander with Android ADB plugin
[GUIDE] Fix IMEI Null and Baseban Unknown!! on Galaxy S advance

Reference/Index/Tool/Firmware/Discussion Threads:
[17/04][INDEX/GUIDE][JB][i9070/9070P] Everything related to JB can be found here!
[{INDEX of GUIDES/TUTORIALS}] Galaxy S Advance [GT-I9070]
[26/02][INDEX] Stock FWs 9070 & P || JB [ITV] I9070ITVLQ5 || ROM Links || D-H.ST
[REF] Best ROM/Kernel Thread
  • Games Compatible With SGSA [updated]
Not open for further replies.

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