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Samsung Galaxy S10 (UAE Version) Region Change

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New member
Dec 8, 2019

I just bought a Galaxy S10 UAE version and was reading around about what is different in this version and if its usable outside UAE. (i don't tend to create posts until I've done a good enough research)
So what i found is that there is no real different between UAE version and other versions, meaning phone will still work outside of UAE and there is no "restrictions" unlike the iphone which is missing the facetime app.
Please correct me if I'm wrong in the above.

My main concern is the forced calendar holidays and similar unwanted apps, therefor i would like to change the OS to a different region.
My questions:
-Which OS should i get from SamMobile and does that mean i have to flash my device?
-In case this was done, will i still receive OTA updates?

Thank you
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