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Samsung Galaxy S21 (G991u1) RCS

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Nov 18, 2017
So I think I figured out how to get chat features in Samsung messages for those like me that prefer the stock messaging app.

Idk if this works for every Samsung device, but it might. I know for sure it worked for my S21.

But all you have to do is flash the U firmware on the the U1 device. Use the HOME_CSC and definitely make a backup first. I withdrew from the OneUI 4 beta to test this. Then my phone updated 3 or 4 times after it finished downgrading to android 11. I used Smart Switch on the computer to do my backup, downgrade and restore. Phone currently has T-Mobile splash screen on boot, but I literally don't care. I have metro-pcs and they don't offer RCS. But I still have the chat settings in my Samsung Messages app and it still functions properly. So I think as long as you have the T-Mobile U firmware, it will still work because the feature is in the firmware.

I can't guarantee results for everyone, I just know it's working for me.


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