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Samsung Galaxy s21 pre-orders USA

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Senior Member
Dec 4, 2006
ATT California USA
i use the 260 credits to get the case with spen, and spen separately.
samsung should be more clear on description, i didnt realize the case included the spen.
now i have 2 spen. i thought case with spen means case with spen slot.


Senior Member
Feb 19, 2011
Still scheduled for Feb 9th. I don't get the meaning of preorder when it comes to Samsung
Samsung is getting annoying when ordering directly from them anymore. I pre ordered on the 14th and it had said scheduled delivery for January 29th. My order is still in process and no shipping generated with FedEx yet. The 29th is tomorrow lol


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Feb 19, 2011
So y'all that's in the same boat as me with the 512gb Ultra, did u order thru Samsung directly and on what date did u pre order? The 14th as well?


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Sep 18, 2007
New York
Ordered on the 14th as soon as I was able to, just received this today. It was supposed to come on 1/27.

Dear customer,

This email is regarding your order #US1------78

There is a delay in the shipment of your Galaxy S21 device and it will be delivered early next week.

Sincerely apologize for the delay and the inconvenience this has caused. We value you as a loyal Samsung Customer and thank you for shopping at Samsung.com.


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Nov 1, 2007
Which 512gb Phantom Black S21 Ultra did u order? Did u order directly with Samsung and choose the Sprint/T-mobile version?
I got the unlocked, but I was Sprint, then migrated to the TMO experience program( essentially tmo sim with the SA 5G,but my killer legacy Sprint plan pricing and perks.)

I got it working after I had sprint do MEI change.
Even though I have TMO sim can't do a swap without calling it in,unless I fully migrate to Tmo.
Confusing it is!

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    I preordered the Ultra and it is currently marked for delivery on 1/27 - I also ordered the Case with SPen and it is currently marked as shipped with a tracking number - delivery date is 1/21 (this Thursday)

    What is unusual is, when I look at Shipment Details for the Case it gives it's weight as 13 pounds, much more than a case would weigh - but it could be the weight of a package that has the case, the S21 Ultra, the Buds Pro, and the box that holds them all....at least that is what I am hoping.... :) I guess I will find out Thursday....
    Good luck to you. I'm still waiting for that email!
    I ordered brown ultra unlocked and it says ship date is February 16th. I guess I should’ve ordered black cuz almost 30 days is a long time to wait.
    Hopefully that is a error. I don't think there will be a shortage unless it's because of the color
    that is no error.
    only blank and white ship next week.
    those other 3 color take 4 weeks to ship.
    Shipment Label created according to Fed Ex - delivery is still expected for January 27th.

    When I pre-ordered, I also bought the Case with Spen - That shipment arrived today and from all I can tell, it will work very nicely when I finally get my Ultra. One thing though - while the Spen is very easy to access from the case, firmly held in place on the left side of the case/phone - the case itself has a somewhat slippery finish - I am a little worried that it might be easy to slip from my hands - but I won't be able to tell for sure until I am able to hold it with the S21 Ultra inside it. Still, it seems like a decent case and I do like the way it holds the S-Pen.
    My ship date for s21 ultra 512gb black has been moved up to February 9th. :(