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Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F Recovery Booting Probllem!

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Senior Member
Sep 22, 2013
I have stock rom with android v 5.0 when I tried all of these.
I face this problem exactly when I tried to root my phone using cf-auto-root (LRX21T.G900FDXU1BOA2) for android 5.0
When I rooted it using cf-auto-root (KOT49H.G900FXXU1ANCE) for android 4.4.2 it worked fine.

I may help


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May 9, 2011
Get rid of this Heart Attack

Oh god, damn You samsung!!!
Ok, when you try to flash TWRP via odin, uncheck "Auto Reboot", then flash the TWRP recovery. After showing "PASS" you removed the cable and remove the battery of the device. Then insert the battery and try to enter recovery mode by key combination (volume up+power+HOME), TADA, you are IN mess in this recovery set problem.
Don't worry, from this screen what is appeared like recovery stuck, try again this combination and keep press it, you'll be into the TWRP in 2nd vibration ;) Don't open the battery or don't do anything, just try again this "recovery" combination, you will be there.
This screen made me heart attack because this phone is new and belongs to my neighbor uncle elder brother :p
Keep posted guys, love you.


Senior Member
Mar 25, 2008
Baliuag Bulacan
Ive experienced same scenario as this. I find out that its a dead battery issue as well

Proceedure i made to bring it back to life:

1. Flash latest firmware for your phone with unchecked auto reboot in Odin-- if success/pass remove usb cable, click reset in flash tool, reinsert usb cable
2. Flash TWRP recovery in PDA-- if success remove usb, remove battery
3. Reinsert battery and enter Recovery Mode (power + home + volume up)
4. Dont let go of the buttons. TWRP should appear in the 2nd vibrate. If it keeps on rebooting you got a busted battery as well
(Redo step 3 but this time plug the wall charger then enter recovery again. it should go to TWRP)
5. Once you in TWRP got to advanced > format system > type yes
6. then go back Factory Reset and Wipe Cache
7. Reflash same firmware via Odin and Congrats you just revived your phone!

If battery is busted it will restart itself. You will go to Recovery loop, Charging indicator loop, Bootloop. To confirm its a dead battery try to look for a spare working battery even from other phones . Realign the good battery's positive and negative terminal to the back of the phone. You will see it will boot.

I fixed my friends S5 SM-G900FGSMH using this method 100%. hope this helps
Hope this helps
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David Mumba

New member
Jun 19, 2021
If its showing Black screen with samsung galaxy s5 logo and recovering boot in blue at top left of screen and keeps booting on and on simply means your battery is faulty, replace your battery and load the software using odin 3.1.2 and thank me later.

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    Once you flashed stock again did it boot up okay?
    Is the updated Rom rooted?

    sent from my Galaxy S5 running NeatRom v2.3
    Hello everyone, im new to this forum, recently, i bought from a friend Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F for 175 Euros.It has Recovery Booting problem, let me explain:
    I've flashed stock firmware with Odin 3.09 on my GS5, then i tried to install PhilZ Touch Recovery, TWRP, CWM, but nothing worked, i get stuck on Recovery booting, recovery is not seandroid enforcing, set warranty bit: recovery,
    When i dont press Vol Up+ home+ power button, the normal logo appears without Recovery booting issue, but it just restarts, sorry for bad English, but if someone can help me, or ask me for any more details, it would be nice and i would really appreciate it. Thanks in forward.

    Are you sure you have a G900F, 175 euro`s sounds very cheap to me ;)
    Yeah, i know, but nop, still same, just writes recovery booting.....
    But not going into it, just restarts again, and again it writes recovery booting....., and again restart...After first time i dont even need to hold buttons, cuz it automatically tries to go to recovery mode, but not booting it, idk what is the problem :(

    I am sorry but i never encountered this, can`t help you any further i`am sorry to say. I hope someone else can help you solve the problem. Good luck :)
    Deleted member 1198227
    Which component could cause this problem, or what could it be? Any idea?

    Probably something in bootloader, but it could be anything..
    Or it could be software, but it may needs something else to do. Perhaps reprogram an eprom or a chip with a programmer or something.. But i just speculate.. I don't believe that you will fix it just with a software factory reset.. Sorry friend.. I can't help more.
    I would suggest if possible, give it back to your friend that sold it to you, and get your money back..
    I had the same problem. I took the phone in download mode again, flashed the same ROM with Odin. Before flashing, I disabled Auto restart in Odin. I removed the battery (without turning off) after flashing for 1 min. The phone is now bootin without problems.