Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Sim Unlock Code

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Jan 27, 2018
San Jose
here is boost apn settings

thanks for sharing, finally found correct apn settings for boost :good:


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Feb 15, 2018
Do not use the link provided.

I used the link from the thread to unlock my Samsung s8 (ee). initial payment was £11.92. I then received an email stating that my phone had the highest level of security and that I needed to pay a further 11.92. At this point no code was given or refund offered. I paid the pending amount and about 5-6 hours I got an email.

in the email was a code and a download link with instructions. I was told to download the file and insert the code into the app. I followed instructions and got to a screen like the picture on this thread that said phone unlocked permanently. I was told to restart and bingo it's done. I then put in another SIM card and it said SIM card invalid and screen popped up asking for unlock code.. so obviously the phone unlocked permanently was a gimmick and was programmed to show in the app. I then messaged the people behind the scenes and still have no reply, it's been 2days. will be contacting bank to get my money back . please stay away. you have been warned
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    just a quick experience share. I've tried the service from the first post (Mod Edit). my s8+ was locked with a highest level of encryption (hard locked) by carrier, so delivery time was around 12 hours. price was 26 $ ( 13 $ first charge + 13 $ pending amount for hard locked phone). unlock code worked well from the first try and phone is unlocked now (switched from t-mobile to vodafone because they have better mobile data speed). thanks for the link. cheers
    There is the video about my locked telephone. I have two S8+. Both was succesful unlocked by

    PS: I didn't need to install some app or something else. ...
    I'm glade that it works and how I've said .. I wanted to share my experiences with another people who need help with that. Nobody have to buy for their services. I looked for some informations How to unlock my S8+ so I tried them and every telephone was succesful unlocked for 30USD...
    Hi were you able to get your s8 freedom mobile unlocked. What was the source. I have tried several but nothing worked. Thx

    my friend from canada had same issue with his wife samsung s8 freedom mobile phone sim unlocking. he asked me to help with searching for unlocking solution and we have tried around five different sim unlocking services online. for some reason almost every service refused to unlock because of "hard lock" or smth. :rolleyes: the last one we tried was webiste and to our surprise it worked well. price was around 26$ with taxes, delivery time around 15 hours :good:
    My phone is now unlocked.