SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8, Airplane Mode Lock out

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New member
Mar 29, 2011
Phoenixville, PA
My employer has a fleet of vehicles (75) in which every driver has been given one of these tablets. 2 additional apps were added "STREETSMART Advantage" and "AppLock". These are unrooted Tablets. AppLock is locking out the "Settings" app and everything else not needed the job....HOWEVER, the drivers can use the "Quick Settings Pulldown" to turn on/off "Airplane Mode" between each of their scheduled stops and deliberately waste time and steal time from the company.
Everything was fine in the beginning until a driver figured this out and has slowly been telling the other drivers.
What can I do to lock out the usage of the "Quick Settings", or lock out just the "Airplane Mode Toggle" in Quick Settings???
Thanks for the help!!!
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