Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Model SM-T875 finally Rooted

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On the latest Samsung Tab S7 T875 Stock firmware Android 11 and one UI 3.1 , i have it rooted with Magisk V22 , widevine is L1, and safetynet passed .

Running with following magisk modules
1. Magiskhide props Config (Just install no config set
2. Riru
3. Riru Edxposed
4. Universal safetynet Fix V2.00 Test version 2 Thanks to kdrag0n :D (y)
What baseband version are you running???


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Sep 29, 2012
South Florida
I noticed there's the updated firmware April build on sammobile for the SM-T976B only which is the 5G version. I own the SM-T970 wifi only version.
Wondering can i flash the T976B to my T970 ?

Hello sir, Im like many others who purchased their tablet through a carrier. Mine is through T-mobile 5G T878U. Im noticing that the T878U is the same for Tmobile and ATT, anyway. I hope there is away to get this tablet rooted and bootloader unlocked. I noticed on mine that when I go into developer options the oem switch is greyed out. I hope to get this unlocked and rooted to at some point get linux installed on this tablet. Thanks in advance.


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Nov 4, 2017
Hi, I liked your tutorial, but it didn't work on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 SM-T875. One question: is the last magisk version you mention version 23 or version 8.07? I flashed the boot.tar file, but when restarting it informed that the software version was not correct, always repeating this screen.

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    Hello. I have managed to Root My Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Model SM-T875 with KNOX value 0x1 and no custom recovery has been installed. I am linking an image from Root Checker
    Sorry for bitly link guys, this is my first post so not allowed to post url, pls understand

    Only for SM-T875
    If you have any other models, let me know, I will patch their boot.tar and provide link for the same

    Steps for root :
    Download and install the latest version of Magisk Manager
    Make sure you have an unlocked boot loader
    On your PC, download Odin and put your S7 into download mode
    Flash the tar file listed here
    I am linking the exact boot.tar image I used

    Sorry for bitly link guys, this is my first post so not allowed to post url, pls understand

    In Odin, select the AP option, make sure ur tab is connected in COM1 and then select the boot.tar file. Once flashed, you have to restart your device.

    Once this boot.img file is flashed you will get this an error saying your device is not on official firmware and you will have to hard reset your device, go ahead and hard reset your device, you might think its in bootloop but it is not. Once hard reset is done, your device will boot twice, make sure to press the power button each time to skip the unlocked bootloader warning. Once done, set up your tab as new one. Now Magisk Manager will not be installed on your device. For root , go ahead and install Magisk Manager again and this time Magisk will be installed in your device and your Knox value will be 0x1 and warranty will be void and device will be rooted

    If any questions, please feel free to ask :)
    Hope this helped you :D
    Any luck on this? I also was dumb enough to get this T878U from ATT. I realize I have a signed locked bootloader. Is there any hope for us? I'm fairly technical and can follow directions
    Could you do t878?
    Possible to Root SM-T878U ?
    I have gotten a TWRP up and running on my Galaxy Tab S7 but it's not functioning properly, I'll post the stable version here in case I figure out one haha.