Question Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Preorder Waiting Room

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May 23, 2008
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3
Try adding the IMEI of the trade in once the phone when you get to the basket screen, not during the first part.

Just checked my order status. Still says preparing for despatch. UK.

Thank you, was successful using your method, got £250 off with a Nexus 4 from 10 years ago, the battery still holding charge to my surprise.

Delivery date is still the 26th instead of 21st on the main site. But £1151 for the Fold 4 and I still can sell my Flip 3 is a better deal than trade my Flip3 to get the Fold 4 for £1100 on the main site.

The phone is now in preparing dispatch mode as 11am today, got the IEMI no and looks like Royal Mail tracking no. Still says 26th before 10:30am.
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Mar 4, 2015
Just an email from Samsung.

Your new Samsung Tech will now be delivered on 19th August.

UK, fold 4 beige 512gb :D

I made a different order with the watch 5 pro and buds 2 pro, but nothing yet :)


Aug 15, 2022
yep got an email from samsung saying it will be delivered tomorrow.

i checked my email for the fold 3 last year, i didnt get an email from DPD until 8:30pm so don't worry if you think nothing is happening yet.


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Jul 15, 2012
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Now officially..

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    Sorry I've been so quiet. I got my Fold 4 at 9.20am this morning. With Watch5Pro and Buds 2 Pro. I'm sure you all understand. 😀😀
    My fold has just arrived from Vodafone Germany.
    Ordered the phone yesterday morning and case yesterday afternoon on Samsung EPP site. Scheduled to arrive on the 26th just received them, im in London UK.
    Update. My initial FedEx label from Samsung was one of the cancelled but as of this afternoon there are now two new labels from Samsung both showing an expected delivery of 8/23 just as they were before. One shows dimensions of 15x7x9 inches and 1lb, the other is 9x5x6 inches and 2lbs and requires a signature. Fold 4, Watch 5 pro, buds 2 pro, and s-pen case all on the order. US order.