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Question Samsung Gears S3 keeps disconnecting

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New member
Hello everyone!
Got my Note 12 Pro a few days ago and biggest issue I have is with the bluetooth connection.
It paired with no problems, I have the Galaxy Wearable app and the plugin, it works fine for a bit and then randomly disconnects. It can work for 10 hours or disconnect 3 times in one hour.
Noticed on some other forums people complaining about bluetooth issues on other Xiaomi phones.
The watch, app and plugin are all on the latest version. The app has all permissions and zero restrictions on battery saving.
The phone is running MIUI Global 14.0.8 on Android 12.
I tried AVRCP 1.3; 1.4; 15 (default) and 1.6. MAP 1.2 (default); 1.3; 1.4. Switched between them trying every combo, none of them is stable. It never tries to automatically reconnect.
The watch worked flawlessly with my Moto G8 Plus. Sometimes it would disconnect (maybe once a week), but it automatically reconnected in a matter of seconds.
Has anyone figured a solution to the problem? I'm assuming I'm not the only one who has this issue.
Thank you!


New member
Aug 21, 2011
Same problem for me, miui 14.0.2 on android 13.
Poco X3 pro.
No idea what to do...


New member
Fixed the problem with a new phone. Got a Moto G73, the watch stays connected like it should. No trying to say something bad about the Xiaomi, I really liked the hardware of the phone, it's really good "bang for buck", but the Bluetooth and other small nuisances in the software made me go back to Moto.