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General Samsung Health Platform Battery Drain

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Jun 23, 2020
Possibly as I have everything and the kitchen sink syncing. Only after the latest SH update did things get squirrelly as fast as syncing. But I've managed to get it back and a lot of things sync to SH without using their app, I e. Yunmai my smart scale used to sync with the app, but now won't pair with my phone through the app, but sync weight and BMI directly to SH. Go figure...
Invariably when it's not running proper you need to play with it or find a work around.
Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's a lot of fun... but doable.


Nov 28, 2020
Yep, when I made a reset of it - it helped me as well. I wonder how long would we need to wait for a fix for it. Talking of that, do you how often healthcare related apps can be just a regular fraud? And how to resolve those jural issues? I've read a lot of pretty useful info here ( link: https://federal-lawyer.com/california/healthcare-fraud/medical-license/ ), about all kind of fraud actions, that may happen in the healthcare of US.
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    Was prompted to install this app. Not even clear to me what it does that Samsung Health doesn't do, but one thing I do know - it drains battery like crazy - as much or more than the display, and it was killing my watch in under a day. Uninstalled, and battery life is back to normal.
    Uninstalled... long ago, no remorse🤣
    Anything with the words "kids", "friends" or "wellness" too.
    Strange - for me, that was an optional download, and so completely uninstalled. Where did you try uninstalling it from, the app drawer? Maybe try disabling it if you can't uninstall it?
    Yeah, I was prompted to install it last week (week before?) I'd been looking in Play Store for uninstall but ended up disabling in Settings > Apps and it doesn't appear these any more. I'll reboot the watch and see how I get on (I've got a Samsung phone FWIW, not sure if that's affecting things)
    This was an issue for me a couple of days ago. I backed up and did a reset on the watch and it did better yesterday. I shows that the Health Platform app only used 0.2 % of battery yesterday.