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Nov 1, 2016
Thank for the emergency mode fix..
I have black screen after installation overlays, also in safe mode, even after rescue zip with twrp...
only by going to emergency mode playing with sim card (in out, plus reboots) and turn off emergency mode is suddenly worked..


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Jan 4, 2014
White text on black background for all notifications

Has anybody actually gotten consistent white-on-black notifications on a non-rooted Samsung? I've seen several responses to similar questions here, but none that either work or even address the correct issue...

I have tried Swift Black, AospUI Black & Sprite. All result in Black text for some notifications, so I can't use them with clear or black notification backgrounds. The best I can do "smoked" backgrounds using Sprite, which will still show both white and black notification text.

I am using the latest Substratum (24 Jul update) and Andromeda (Jun 1 update).


Feb 21, 2018
I'm currently running superstock ROM on my Samsung galaxy s7 and it's asking me for an add-on app for Samsung even though I'm rooted with magisk 16.7
I've tried uninstalling substratum and magisk but that didn't help. And magisk doesn't even detect substratum or anything.


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Jul 17, 2014
Quick question. Do I still have to worry about the dangerous overlays and such if I am running a rooted S8 with a custom ROM? The ROM is based off of the stock ROM but debloated and such. Just been having issues with apps crashing lately like gmail and whatsapp.

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    List of available themes ready for Samsung thanks to @pimpmaneaton:

    ATTENTION: You can still run Substratum Legacy (shows in the toolbar) without the addon, but it may not work with Samsung devices, so you must get the addon app!

    How to apply Substratum themes
    1. First, you will need to install the apps listed above
    2. Download a theme that doesn't rely on Android System or theme ready Google find themes like Swift Black or Swift Dark on Play Store.
    3. Once you install the theme, Substratum will throw a notification saying that a new theme has been installed
    4. Open the theme in Substratum and click on the app (one at a time for now only) and click the button on the bottom right.
    5. Click Install and let it compile. It will ask to install an APK to your device. Install it.
    6. You can switch to that application and see if it is themed. If it isn't, manually force close the app in Settings or reboot your device.
    7. (ATTENTION) It is HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended NOT to apply Android System and SystemUI elements as of yet UNLESS your theme supports it and shows "dangerous overlays" by default. For themers, all you have to do is set @bool/ThemeSupportSamsung to true.

    Current Bugs
    - none

    How to recover?
    You will have to boot up in Safe Mode (comes default on every device)
    1. Reboot your device
    2. Hold down the Volume Down key while booting up
    3. You are now in Safe Mode
    4. Go into Settings -> Apps, then find the overlay you think is messing up and uninstall!

    How to recover if the above doesn't work? (Credits to Evozi)
    You will have to boot up in Safe Mode (comes default on every device)
    1. Turn on screen and press power button. It will show "Shutdown", "Restart", "Emergency Mode"
    2. Turn on "Emergency Mode", keep spam the checkbox so you can tick the checkbox to proceed the agreement. (phone is super lagging)
    3. While you are in emergency mode, you have very limited access. Open any system app and go to recent task list.
    4. Long press the app task, press the info icon and app detail page will appear.
    5. Hit the back button and it will show your whole app list.
    6. Find your overlay and remove all its storage and phone permissions.
    7. Deactivate Emergency Mode and now you are back to TouchWiz.
    8. Uninstall the overlay app.

    Instructional video, thanks @DaKoin!
    S8 users, Swift for Samsung will be free starting around 2am until Monday.
    You have to join their Telegram group. Then click on the 3 dots in the upper right and hit Files. Kind of a shady way to hand out an apk, but I'm not one to talk.

    Our full operation runs through Telegram but soon it will be on Play Store too.

    The reasoning behind this is because we have build bots to automatically compile an updated APK and send it to the chat when I push a commit, also a nice way to directly contact the devs (me).

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S8+ using XDA Labs
    We have just pushed Substratum 816!

    To emphasize more on Samsung tweaks, as @OhayouBaka stated, there's now a priority selection in Substratum's settings, so previously automatically reverted overlays on Samsung devices (other than Google) will now be able to stick (hopefully!)

    Also, Substratum now works perfectly on ENG U1 unlocked firmware with root, which means that you guys ACTUALLY have a rooted options now for Samsung so that it installs overlays silently! Thanks @OhayouBaka and @InFlames03 for testing root functionality and @elliwigy for ENG firmware tests!

    Samsung Addon Users (v20 release):

    We have added the ThemeKiller into as part of the package, please use the "What is this?" button if you don't understand how to enter your own ELM key :)

    A HUGE thanks to @Tigerhoods, @elliwigy, @bigmase, @Venom0642, @markbencze, @ted77usa, @zplit, @OhayouBaka and @InFlames03 for all their support and testing during this beta phase!
    Request granted by nicholaschum. Thanks bruh ?

    UPDATE :
    Fresh update of Substratum apk.

    links down below. June-24


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