Samsung Pay on Gear S3 in India

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May 20, 2014
Hey there . I am new here
Just want to ask i am looking to buy frontier over galaxy watch just so i can use the spay and other nfc thing .
Can any one plz confirm that it is working in india out of box ?
If not any tested solution for this


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Dec 31, 2016
OnePlus 5
Samsung Galaxy S21+
I've changed my CSC to XAR and got SPay on my gear S3. However, I'm not able at add my Axis Bank Credit Card in it. Is it due to the 5 digit pincode. If that's the case, any way to fix it?


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Feb 1, 2012
Hello guys

Before I dig in and mess with my Gear S3 Classic, can you confirm that spay would work for me? I'm from Poland, using several different bank cards (Credit or debit). Using OnePlus 8Pro


OK guys - I've managed through theprocess of changing CSC to XAR. I even sideloaded SPay plugin, but it seems I can't add any card - it says my cards' operators aren't valid. Can you advice me how to proceed from here?

Any idea would be welcomed

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Feb 23, 2009
Hey guys!
I did it this way and I cannot enable it for the Gear S3. I'm in Germany and here SPay is enabled but the Gear S3 has no official support. Only for newer Smartwatches...


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Feb 28, 2010
Hi guys!

i recently got my hands on a S3 frontier and trying to get SPay to work. It is on Tizen Does it work on this version for anybody?

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    Thanks! I was also successful after updating to tizen 3.

    I dont get a paytm option. Do you know if it is supported via Gear S3?

    @rollercoastervj Congratulations! Go ahead and make your first payment now! Payment convenience right on your wrist now! :good:

    As about the Paytm option in Samsung Pay for Gear S3, as of now, there is no option to add the paytm wallet to the Samsung Pay for Gear S3. Also the Paytm Debit Card is also not supported as of yet. We will have to wait for the official Paytm Support. Till then enjoy paying with the wide range of supported debit and credit cards. Cheers! :)

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    I bought my Gear S3 in India. I want to change the country code so that Samsung Pay is enabled on my watch.
    My Gear S3 verson is SM-R760

    Okay so now you can use the following convenient (no flashing required) method to get Samsung Pay on your Gear S3 (credits to @detjoe @prmah @adfree and all others who helped in this).

    Pre-requisite :-
    1. Install Tizen Studio on you PC.
    2. Connect your PC and Watch to same wifi and get IP address of your watch.
    3. Connect to any US VPN (Not necessary but do it if possible)

    Steps to change CSC to "XAR":
    Open Tizen studio device manager -> Then click on Remote device manager -> Add new connection with the IP address of your Gear S3 watch -> After connection is established, right click on Gear S3 from "list of connected devices" -> click on "launch shell" -> In shell enter "launch_app"

    Now a CSC selection screen will open automatically on your watch. Change the region to XAR. That's all.

    Now, the watch will reset and a few updates will happen in the gear app on your phone.
    After all the updates are complete on your watch and the Gear app on your phone, you will see the Samsung Pay option in the Gear S3 app menu and also in the Gear app on your phone.

    Also, make sure to update to Tizen v3.0 before trying to add payment options and entering zip codes. Use any five digit US zip code when asked for while trying to add payment cards to Samsung Pay. Google for zip codes to confirm.

    Add your cards and you are ready to pay! Cheers! :highfive::cowboy::cool:

    Hit the thanks button if this helps. Good luck! :)

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    will samsung pay works on s3 classic version?? becoz in my s3 classic SP not installed.

    @dxavinash Yes, Samsung Pay should work on the Gear S3 Classic Version. Samsung Pay is not officialy supported in India on the Gear S3 yet. But you can use the above method to get Samsung Pay on either of the watches, the Gear S3 Frontier or Classic.

    Hit the thanks button if this helps. Good luck! :good: :)
    Samsung Pay is officially announced in India and works on selected Galaxy Devices. I got my Gear S3 frontier from US and decided to try Samsung Pay on my watch. To my surprise, Samsung Pay on Gear S3 works perfectly fine and accepts Indian Card. I tried HDFC Debit Card and my friends's ICICI Bank Credit Card and it works perfectly fine. Samsung Pay is working with some POI's with Gear S3 and for other POI's , the machine says International Card not supported.

    I guess the International card not supported error will go once Samsung officially updates Samsung Pay app for Gear to work with Indian Cards.

    Update (04/07/2016): The update to Samsung Pay for Gear app (Version: 1.3.1703) , now doesn't works on rooted devices. In other words rooting your device will break Samsung Pay. If credit/debit card is already (using older version of app) added then still payments can be made with watch.

    Update (23/11/2017): @adfree @Quick Silver, @aslam4580 have found a new method to run Spay on Gear S3 (any region). The method is tested and is working for many users. Head over to post for instructions.

    New cards can't be added on rooted devices


    Workaround: Use magisk hide to continue using spay app on rooted devices.

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    So did you change csc to US, install Samsung Pay and then change back CSC to Canada? Or not need to?

    No need to change back to Canadian CSC. There are only a few versions. Multi (Canada/India/Etc) and then US/UK/AUS.

    Set it to US and then that's it. If you go to change it back afterwards, then it will just wipe Samsung Pay from the device when you go to set it up.

    Got the same problem. Did the tricks more than 50 times and no hope. Just sent back to samsung customer service to reflash firmware.
    Do pavan know how to extract apk ?

    Yup bro, my Speeds a Little slow I'll upload them , it'll take some time !!