Question Samsung Pay?

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So now I have my Watch 5 Pro I thought I'd set up Samsung Pay, haven't used it for over a year, maybe more, and it's gone - it's Samsung Wallet.
Pretty tortuous set-up, and it seems none (or very few) of my cards work any more, or not without Samsung + anyway, which means I seem to need Curve. I think I've got everything added but the curve option just comes up on the phone as the curve card not the other 2 I added.
I now have no idea what I'm doing or how it works, or select the card I want? And I haven't even tried to add it to the watch yet!!
Is it just my advancing years or is this all just a pain to set up. Should I try Google pay? Is it simpler and will it work from the watch?


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Aug 20, 2012
In what region are you? In nordics, I use samsung pay normally without any issues. Can you download samsung pay in the samsung store?


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Aug 7, 2016
Samsung pay is a nightmare here in the UK, I tried to use it for a while and to many places wouldn't accept it, get Google pay its accepted everywhere and super easy to set up


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Aug 11, 2009
Is it safe to use your Chinese manufactured device?
mine is vietnamese made

PS: Attention--chinese hackers just downloaded yr grandma birthday photos :)


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