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Nov 28, 2021
How did you manage to get working ? I've got the S22U and hex installer doesn't even get passed the storage permission page. When I try to select the hex folder a blank screen shows up and nothing happens.
One UI 4.1 of course
March update

The newest version works ok for me. About storage permission thing - it is a different problem but I also faced it. It wants stock google files app (com.google.android.documentsui) to set the storage permission. Mine just got disabled by samsung due to it not being used :). After I re enabled it everything worked.
After a bit of digging I found out that it's looking for the stock files app. I was able to locate it, edit and delete it with no option at all to enable it. Even after deleting it and trying to install it again, it tells me that the package is conflicting with another apk.
Even went far to delete samsung's my files.


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Jun 2, 2019
@envy~ Could you please add an option to pick (or automatically apply based on current primary/accent colors) a Material You accent color scheme for the unthemed or unthemable apps that normally use it, like the Play Store or the One Hand quick settings panel tand some other system apps hat always stay in the default blue when using a HEX theme?


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Oct 6, 2011
Is anyone else having trouble to make QS background opaque? It only gets fully opaque when I use AOSP S plugin. All the other plugins make the bg transparent, even if I set 255 (opaque).


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Aug 29, 2011
I can't donate – to get the Pro version. I have it installed from the store, but when I press Donate no Play store payment pop-up jumps up - the hex just goes back to its mainscreen and that's it.

What could be wrong?

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    New Base! go beyond and theme more 3rd party apps with it.
    full list of currently supported apps here
    Go to Hex app settings and set it up for free.

    The original theme bodhisattva_ is celebrating its 3 years now, from Nougat, Oreo and the present PIE android firmware.
    The theme simply introduced advanced custom theming for Samsung since they release Samsung Experience UI and Theme Store, by providing more apps supported on a single theme, hundreds of apps on a single apk, 3rd party custom icons on Samsung's default launcher. Since then the theme became a good starting point base for other themers and influenced them a lot, open doors for overlay install method and other things.

    Now on this Theme Installer App, A user can do whatever they want to theme bodhisattva_ design principles plus other cool mods and tweaks to make the theme experience more personal.

    -Complete Theme Color Engine - change background, primary, accent, texts, Qicksettings and Notification colors to anything you like (dark mode base)
    -Font files bundle feature - Include your own .ttf font to be included on the theme - No PC/adb needed.
    -Tweaks and popular light Mods like navbar height, QS transparency, Rounded keyboard and many more.
    -3rd party app theming support like making Instagram and WhatsApp dark? Twitter lights-out and Gapps themes that's made from scratch,
    NOT RELYING TO BUILD NUMBER, no installer update required, update 3rd party apps and still use them without waiting for us to update.
    -UI Plugins support- you don't like theme bodhisattva icons? simply choose Default Mode preference and you can theme with OneUI elements,
    AOSP-Q (full aosp experience for Samsung - all first party apps) and other themers designs like Diliun, Paragus, Broly, ayos_dark Custom UI tagged as HEX UI plugins.

    #INITIAL SETUP: FOR REGULAR HC BASE(only one time, unless you delete the theme base)
    1. Apply default theme
    2. Open Hex application and grant storage permissions, follow on-screen instructions.
    3. Customize and Build your theme
    4. Reboot and Apply your Hex theme from themestore.
    *reboot is only a one time scenario, this is just to fix the statusbar icon colors, on your next theme build, no need to do anything else or apply default theme first, just build, install and apply.
    *Please read the FAQ on app for more informations.

    Theme applied but all/some selected third party apps not working or didn't get dark.
    -Restart device
    -Apply default theme
    -Download and apply High Contrast theme (yellow)
    -Apply HEX theme (High Contrast theme II Sky Black)

    Theme applied but some apps like Dialer and Settings are not fully themed
    -Apply default theme and delete High Contrast Theme II
    -Download again High Contrast Theme II and APPLY it.
    -Open HEX and click Build button it will redirect you to apply Default Theme, apply Default theme.
    -Build your HEX theme again, apply and check.

    -Add more 3rd party apps to get themed with user color choices. - done but still work in progress to add more.
    -Fully Implementation of UI PLUGINS to give limelight for other Custom Themers work. - done, but more ui mode plugins coming soon!
    -Add 3rd party Icon pack support for Samsung default home launcher.
    -Breaking 60 overlays limit. not relying to HC theme base anymore. Update To HEXED PLUS NOW
    -Note 10 or OneUI 1.5 Hexed Plus activation and new ThemeKeeper service, (still on test phase)

    -HEX is a joint project together with my partner @sathishtony and the Dark Zero Hands theme testers.
    -HEX will work on ALL SAMUNG PIE PHONES, S8,S9,S10,N8,N9 some A and J series who got Android 9 Pie firmware.
    -HEX is using High Contrast theme as base, a Samsung pre installed theme on all Pie devices.
    -First uploaded on playstore since June 8, 2019
    -Special thanks for a good friend @RomLord14495 for sponsoring all Hex giveaways promotions. :)

    ENGLISH - Techylogy
    SPANISH - Lexdroid
    RUSSIAN - Kelumza
    English(featured app) - HowToMen
    English(NOTE 10 - featured app) - HowToMen

    Piunikaweb -link
    AndroidPolice - link
    AndroidAutorithy - link1 link2


    AOSP Q
    Paragus UI - @srohit96 (original thread)
    Broly - @PAIN (standalone theme)
    Deliun - @carlosbalbuena_ (original thread)



    Dev priorities for Hex Core

    Our Work Info :

    Hex Installer is the official alternative to themeGalaxy app.

    The idea is to provide Hassle free/Seamless theming solution for Galaxy OneUI devices without compromising any of the customization features. All my work primarily based on "Do It Yourself" concept. I believe everyone can make the theme for themselves if a right tool is provided. And we hope that you will find #Hex as your right tool.

    RoadMap and Priorities for our future Updates:

    1. Hex UI Plugin support that extends the different UI options.
    2. AOSP Q UI plugin for Free

    3. Experimental options to include background and dialpad images (WiP)
    4. More safe tweaking options
    5. Add more third party app overlays. We're going beyond High Contrast theme.
    6. Make #Hexified more interactive and interesting place to theme.
    7. Providing default day/night ui mode customization.
    8. Add Custom QS Toggles
    9. Make Hex+ possible on Android 10 - OneUI 2.0

    We never intented to obstruct any of the official themers work and themes and that's not the motivation of this community as well. We are trying to provide a custom theming solution to the people who are really willing to spend their time to theme their phone.

    SatySatsZB (sathishtony)
    Custom QS Toggles Update.

    Update is live.

    Custom QS Toggles. Check in Preferences Panel.

    There 28 Combination available to style your qs toggle background.

    Custom QS Toggles overrides ui plugin's style

    Solid circle
    Solid square
    Solid squricle
    Solid teardrop top left
    Solid teardrop top right
    Solid teardrop bottom left
    Solid teardrop bottom right
    Stroke circle
    Stroke square
    Stroke squricle
    Stroke teardrop top left
    Stroke teardrop top right
    Stroke teardrop bottom left
    Stroke teardrop bottom right

    Solid gradient circle
    Solid gradient square
    Solid gradient squricle
    Solid gradient teardrop top left
    Solid gradient teardrop top right
    Solid gradient teardrop bottom left
    Solid gradient teardrop bottom right
    Stroke gradient circle
    Stroke gradient square
    Stroke gradient squricle
    Stroke gradient teardrop top left
    Stroke gradient teardrop top right
    Stroke gradient teardrop bottom left
    Stroke gradient teardrop bottom right

    + Fixed Playstore night mode minor bugs
    + Fixed WhatsApp status text color

    CODE: hex
    Since this plugin was removed from PS, and xdalabs was gone, I'll upload it here, this version got the latest fixes for oneiu3, please DO NOT RE-UPLOAD somewhere, if you want to share please link it here, enjoy.
    Overall, every other part of jiotv is good but can you change the videoview background to black.
    late reply but ill try to tell this to rohit shetty, hes the one contributed the jiotv hex edit.
    Hi envy, is there any version of your Guilt theme without the frames around it? Would be lovely.
    guilt theme or icon pack? agony icon pack is the no frame version of guilt.
    Is there a way to permanently remove the wallpapers? For some reason every time I install hex the wallpapers get installed din my gallery for some reason. I tried going into the file manager and removing the folder from there but for some reason every time it comes back.

    additionally all the themes were perfectly though the only issue I've had consistently is that what's up always works for a brief bit and over time end up crashing. Any way for me to remove just the WhatsApp theme (individual apps)? Or would I have to reapply from scratch?
    I dunno about this but hex installer doesn't even include a wallpaper on any form on its themes, the auto-apply wallpaper is just a feature to make wallpaper auto-apply after you apply the theme that wallpaper is not bundled to hex. :confused:
    what would be the reason my build and install button doesn't react?
    you didn't install any theme base needed, high contrast theme 2 or the hexed plus theme base.
    Using hex+ with stock colors shows no phone icon on the dialer screen when using 2 Sims.

    Thanks YouTube notifications have unrealdeble text for the actions.

    Using night mode

    Enviado desde mi iPad utilizando Tapatalk
    it's now fixed for two sims on bodhisattva, and aosp ui modes, soon plugin makers will also fix their own.. just rebuild and reapply your theme for fixes to take effect.
    Hey there! The previous problem solved already. But I got a new problem now. I think my Google assistant broke as after applying mod

    So it always make my screen freezes & shows Google app stop responding. No matter how many times I restart & reapply, even I tried downgrade Google app, still can't get it fix
    are you using a cuatom launcher? for some reason google app and hex edit messing up the google app, try to reboot and see, or just deselect google app on hex then rebuild your theme.
    Hey I'm a really big fan of all your hard work! I'm tempted to try out hexed+, but I have a couple of concerns, because it's been a long time since I really modded my phone, and I'm paranoid about doing this to my main device.

    If I install hexed+, is there any way to completely revert back to the original theme. And if there's and update to the hex app, do I need to disable and enable the theme again?

    Also, will the adb process mess up something like Android updates? I know it likely won't, but I just want to be sure.

    Again, thanks for your time and work.
    the guy who answered you is correct, and adb method is long gone already and the theme will appear on store pretty fine now.
    Thanks for your reply! I don't see any FAQ about hexed+. What excactly is the difference between hexed and hexed+? It says in the overlay list that hexed is able to theme about 60 apps, whereas hexed+ can theme over 100. But I can only theme seven apps when installing a theme. Is the hexed+ app different from the hex app? Sorry, I'm confused.
    what 7 apps? you must select them on 3rd party-list before building a theme.
    Any idea when we might be able to customize icons too?
    I don't know if this feature will be added really, different apps use different values for their icons, and we cant make a universal code to fix them all without issues, this explains why twitter, Reddit, twitch and other apps got a black background underneath them, removing those background can make the app fc, but Saty my partner got plans now to make a Samsung launcher replicate that support 3rd party icon packs, lets seee where that idea leads to.
    Deliun plugin problem?
    Volume bar color error?
    contact the plugin maker on email.
    Great App. Quick question. Is Hex breaking the OneUI notification badges? I have switched to OneUI launcher, but icon badges on notifications are not showing? Thanks;
    see home settings options maybe you turned it off.. hex edit got notification badges perfectly fine.
    Good Day Devs! Is it okay if I ask overlay for One Hand Operation+? Specifically for Task Switcher and Quick tools. I attached the screenshots for reference. Thanks
    not working for more 3rd party apps for now, im focusing on adding more features and adding more ui modes.
    Everytime I run Hexed+ it reverts back because of the trial ... I've followed instructions on applying it and going back to hex'd and rebooting but it never sticks
    re install the hexed plus base, it shouldn't revert.. and dont modify it on any form manually, themekeeper service will not work.
    Is there a way to just apply the dark theme to apps without messing with my theme?
    hex is still based on Samsung themes, we cant to that, but after build try to uninstall all 1st party apps you don't like to get themed on troubleshooting, but FYI, some 3rd party apps relying their background values on framework edit of hex..
    hi all.
    is thiere a way plz to get statusbar themed and keep everything themed by stock samsung night mode????
    Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
    no, but try applying hex theme then uninstall all on toubleshoot section leaving the systemui only, but i dont guaranty thats the thing you will like
    I did not buy Hex installer yet, I still has this simple " and maybe stupid" question before I do that!!

    Can I install the hex themes without this step

    "-Download the High-Contrast Theme II: Sky Black (blue one) from the theme store, but DO NOT APPLY."

    And this is because I can't download or apply any theme from the theme store other than the default theme (samsung account doesn't work in my country!!!)

    Samsung Note 8, Android Pie
    that high contrast theme skyblack is already preinstalled on all samsung pie phones, if not just use the hexed plus base.. its hex app own theme base.
    Without sounding disrespectful, I would like to ask that as well. Can a theme only be applied to apps?
    no, read my replies above
    From where to download fonts to use in hex? And which format?
    As I downloaded zip and ttf format, both not showing up in hex.
    -Place your .ttf files inside hex/fonts folder

    -open hex app and choose Personalization

    -press Custom Font button

    -select your fonts to bundle

    -build your theme and apply

    -open Settings app Display settings

    -look for Font Style and Sizes option

    -apply your font

    *if you dont see the font there

    Download and "apply" SAMSUNG SANS font first on galaxy store then do the above steps once again.
    It looks like documentsui.apk is not themed yet. Any plans?
    it is, on hexed plus base.
    FYI, after updating and rebuilding:

    The most current and new Galaxy store version FCs on settings and has some visual quirks.
    already fixed on new update, rebuild you theme and re apply.
    Excited for the updates to the AOSP plugin this morning but the wifi icon is still bugged for me on my verizon s8. Some nice updates to hex though!
    can you show me a screenshot?

    Soon to be added a cool preference tweak:
    QuickSetting Icons Customization (work for all ui modes)
    see attached.
    also these theme/plugins is my current focus now.
    -aosp outlined
    -ayos dark
    -ayos blur