Samsung S10 Unlocked phone with AT&T Firmware

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Oct 2, 2017
C. Hi all, I bought a galaxy S10 plus at & t and I would like to upgrade for he is stuck to android 10 can anyone help me? I'm not very practical. Model SM-G975U. Translated with Google

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    I have purchased Samsung Galaxy S10 unlocked phone directly from Samsung. I am using At&T carrier network on this phone. As this is the first time, i am purchasing unlocked phone, i was not aware that wifi calling, VOLTE and video calling wont work on unlocked phone ( with AT&T carrier)
    There is very poor signal near my home. I really need Wiif calling and VolTE option.
    is there a way that i can install At&T firmware on my phone ?

    I have few questions after i install the firmware

    1. After installing At&T firmware, will other sims work on my phone in future ?
    2. I personally paid for the device, but sim is on business account. will this have any impact if i install firmware ?
    3. after install AT&T firmware, will i be able to do any future updates without any issues ?
    4. will installing this firmware, void my phone warranty ?
    5. what is the difference between unlocked and locked phone ( apart from i can use with another careers )

    Since this is first time, i have these questions

    Credit to @iBowToAndroid for the FIRMWARE.

    3.) Perform a 'Factory Data Reset'
    (Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset)

    4.) After the 'Factory Data Reset' is fully complete, your Device will restart. This is expected behavior.

    5.) After the restart, you will be greeted with a 'Let's Go!' page and a prompt to select a language.

    6.) Power off the Device.

    7.) With the Device powered off, hold down the BIXBY BUTTON and the VOLUME DOWN KEY at the same time.

    8.) While still holding down the BIXBY BUTTON and the VOLUME DOWN KEY, press and hold the POWER BUTTON.

    9.) When done correctly, you will be greeted with a teal colored screen that reads the following:


    A custom OS can cause critical problems in phone and installed applications.'

    10.) Press the VOLUME UP KEY to enter 'Download Mode'.
    Or... You can just manually boot to recovery, do the wipe there, and then choose Reboot Bootloader to go to Download Mode. Much faster :)

    Same steps but you'll use HOME_CSC instead of CSC_OMC.

    You ALWAYS use *non HOME CSC* when switching between U1 and U firmwares

    I was under the impression if we go from U1 to U, we use CSC_OMC and HOME_CSC if we go back to U1.
    Nope. HOME leaves data and settings intact, and the other one performs a wipe. A wipe is needed when swapping firmwares since the partition table is slightly different, and even if they were the same, you'd have crashes and glitches and errors galore until you wiped.

    If you merely want to Odin flash a new version of the same firmware instead of doing it OTA, then you can get away with using HOME CSC
    Thanks for clarifying. You provided some insight on a prior thread but this is much more in-depth.

    So, in this Users case, was a full flash of U software needed? Or could we have simply flashed the appropriate Userdata and CSC based on his Carrier of choice (AT&T)?
    1. If you want carrier bloat and/or specific features, then you need U firmware. You can't get any of that with U1

    2. The CSC files are the exact same for any firmwares with the same build - no matter what carrier/region they're from. The only difference is the USERDATA file - that's what contains the bloat.

    3. You can't use USERDATA files when flashing U1
    Let's try with a different Odin.

    I've attached a newer patched version of Odin.
    (Courtesy of this thread:
    It's not newer. It's just been patched, to remove the incompatibilities that would normally appear. This is the correct version of Odin to use - it can flash pretty much anything, for any model