Samsung S20 - can't force USB Charge Only

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Jan 8, 2013
Hi, as per title, I can't seem to prevent my Samsung S20 from connecting to external displays, keyboards, etc via USB-C docks.

I have:
- Developer Options - Default USB Options - Charging Only
- Developer Options -Disable USB Audio Routing - On
- Samsung Dex - disabled

... but I still get screen mirroring to external displays and network interruption when the phone tries to use the dock's network connection.

If I try to change the USB mode from the drag down menu from USB controlled by: External Device to This Device, the external display disconnects then reconnects, and the setting is reverted back to External Device.

Is there anything else I can do, short of use a power-only cable? Sadly, a normal USB charger is not an option here (trust me).