Samsung S20 Ultra Engineering firmware SM-G9880 SM-G988U SM-G988U1 SM-G988B

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    Samsung S20 Combination Engineering firmware used to check all hardware features like back camera, front camera, sensors, RAM memory, ROM memory. You may also run a test that shows you the results of the Galaxy S20 phone diagnostics. You should be able to use this professional firmware to bypass and remove Factory Reset Protection, Google Account verification or Google Account protection.


    Dear Scott,

    - we talking about Samsung firmware or about Qualcomm firmware?
    - what part of firmware most important for root or we need just complete firmware?

    please more details


    Exynos models are typically able to be bl unlocked

    Snapdragon chinese or latin america devices are typically able to be bl unlocked

    Snapdragon usa models aka U U1 W or carrier specific models are not able to be bl unlocked and need exploits to root which has become difficult since s9 models (although i released extreme syndicate root for usa variants of s9 s9+ and n9)

    I tried various things on g975u and n976v with no luck in rooting even on combo firmware or edl.. I only managed to elevate to system privs..

    Is it impossible, no. is it difficult, yes. Until exploits can be found then it will not be rooted.

    If anyone doesnt know, I have been researching samsung security for a few years now. I was worlds first rooted S8/S8+ as well as worlds first rooting s9 s9+ n9 all usa variants and various exploits I found during my research.

    All exploits have been patched with each device release i.e. 8 devices exploits dont work (to an extent) on 9 devices and 9 exploits didnt work on 10 devices so i cant imagine any of my 9 exploits working on 20 devices.
    List of things you can do with this firmware

    Home » Combination File Firmware » Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra SM-G9880 Combination Firmware
    Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra SM-G9880 Combination Firmware

    Below is the combination file/eng firmware(flash file) for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra SM-G9880 phone.

    The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra SM-G9880 combination/engineer/ service flash file (ROM, firmware) can be useful in software-related cases.

    Below are some of the servicing functions you can do with a Samsung Combination / Eng (Service)Firmware.

    To remove Google Account FRP(Factory Reset Protection) lock
    Enable ADB/Fastboot access on the locked Samsung phone using the ENG S.boot file
    To remove the Samsung Account lock or Samsung Factory Reset Protection
    Troubleshooting of your Samsung Galaxy device
    Restoring to factory defaults
    It enables the Service menu / Test mode to test the Samsung device.
    A combination file can be used to downgrade the Android version.
    Fix the device does not have the key-DRK issue.
    Fix stuck, hang or stopping in recovery mode.
    Fix a device stuck on the Samsung logo.
    Fix or repair IMEI, Serial Number, and other connectivity related IDs
    Repair Knox
    Change CSC of your Samsung device

    My bad didnt see the type model in the subject my bad.

    U.S. version uploaded.

    More details please?

    u dl chimera n pay for a subscription then change csc