Question Samsung S22 OEM Option not showing up in developer settings

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Nov 30, 2022
Hi all,

I have spent over 9 hours trying with ODIN, Offical and unofficial guides, Youtube tutorials and the lot, and I cannot figure this out for the life of me. So I wanted to ask anyone to ease the pain I am currently feeling. I have an international S22 (SM-S901B), and CSC is: "EUX" The option to unlock OEM is not there, yet when I boot into "Download Mode", it states, "OEM Lock: ON(L)", which indicates to me it Perma locked, is there any CSC out there that would give me the option?

In regards to this, I am getting the strangest of errors called, "Cause: Custom binary (VBMETA) blocked due to remaining instalment balance (1)" when I try flashing custom ROM. I am just lost at this point; someone, please give me the strength to resolve this issue.
Greetings, I encountered something similar during a brick I had with an S8 device a few years ago, my OEM toggle option was not available from the start. : Check my post at page 4. I noticed that the OEM toggle is only available after some time using the ROM, I don’t remember if it also depends on CNC, give it a try.
Edit : skip the flash firmware part since your bootloader is locked, try doing a factory reset instead, then follow the steps to see if the OEM toggle becomes available.