[Samsung S7 Edge] Access application data


New member
Apr 29, 2007
I have not rooted Samsung S7 Edge with Android 8.0.
My goal is to copy a few years of progress in this bodybuilding app: I would like to access it's application data and either move it to the same app on the new phone or export it to google fit (once synchronisation is enabled in the app, only the most recent progress is uploaded, not the full history). I have tried to contact the developers of the app without success.
Backup tools like Samsung switch, google backup, etc. don't restore the progress.
I have also tried to follow those tips: without success: the application is not debuggable and adb backup doesn't restore the progress.

I don't mind to root the phone, though my concern is that it's always related to the formatting of the device (so I would lose the progress I would like to actually preserve). Do you see any other possibility to access the private data of this app? Possibly, how could I make a binary copy of the internal phone storage, such I could mount it on the laptop and fetch the content I am interested in?