Samsung S9 Question

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Dec 9, 2022

I ran into some malware on my PC and my phone somehow wound up with it too. So what's happening is when my device is hooked up to any device it automatically pairs 2 separate devices. One is the phone and one is called a Bluetooth LE(Low energy) 1927237798 etc. I have the snapdragon qualcomm phone and the canadian variant with Fido. I was looking around in developer settings and I do not see any OEM unlock.. Is there any way to flash the phone without it?

I need to flash the phone because the malware persists through factory data reset. I can't access any files that are relating to this bluetooth device and I have a feeling there's an embedded profile behind the screen that I see. I also noticed the script that ran put in a virtual SIM and draws mobile data when I am not hooked up to wifi. This bluetooth LE device automatically connects to surrounding bluetooth devices and infects them with whatever payload and it's like a super virus/worm from Russia/China I believe since the researcher told me some of the payloads on the PC were in russian language. Anyways, some help would be wonderful because my phone is infecting everything...

Also notably there are a string of nested file folders with no files in them. I am unable to delete them, all I have been able to do is move them up folders to the parents and try deleting but they always come back and there are a lot with really weird names and ^43%HlLuy etc.

I just hope to be able to flash stock firmware without the OEM unlock in order to wipe the old data that was changed by the malware in the providers area/root area.(No the phone was not previously rooted - I think it's not possible, but they got into protected folders and edited files somehow. I'd love to know how)

Thanks for your assistance. I have rooted a phone or two in my day but I can't remember if I can just flash stock firmware or even the best place to source it.


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Aug 17, 2021
Doing a clean flash using ODIN should hopefully resolve. But you must do a clean flash using CSC file not HOME_CSC. OEM unlock is not needed.