Samsung Secure Folder = Sandbox?

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New member
Aug 24, 2021
I'm just wondering how secure Samsung's Secure Folder is if I use it as a Sandbox for those high-risk or untrustworthy app (like some from China).

I was told it's supposed to be a sandbox for it doesn't allow any access to the data outside the Secure Folder, but I'm not sure how permissions works in it (like access to GPS/ Phone Call or other hardware). I suppose they couldn't have any access to my phone call or GPS location if I'm not inside the Secure Folder (how about if it's in background)? But on the other hand, access to bluetooth or camera are inevitable when some apps might need it.

If those apps within secure folder can have access to my phone call then I would be much worried about those high-risk app monitoring phone conversation.

I might be wrong. Any insight or elaboration would be great :)


Senior Member
Oct 12, 2021
last i checked secure folder is where you can store notes....images....and apps(i guess)
you store them and only you have access to them through pin.
its not a sandbox bro....its just a secure folder :)